Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Cat Loves Curiosity

Yesterday was tita Cory's funeral and as I watch the event on TV, I felt so small, so insignificant before the Icon of Democracy so well loved by the Filipinos. I thank her for my freedom, we owe that to her (and to all the people who fought with her, regardless of their true intentions). Yesterday, as I watch the TV closely, a realization came to me - no matter big or small you are you can do great if you fight for what you believe.

Anyway, I'd like to invite you all to my new blog and hope you'll find "something" that will somehow makes you able to relate to me. This is nothing big but mostly of what I've been through and the many adventures I am going to face.

What you'll read here are my innermost thoughts and inner demons that I've gone through and still facing. Things that I only share in anonimity. Things that no one else know but the person behind the blog.

So why just now? Mainly because I realised that death is inevitable. It will happen to us all no matter how small or great we are. I wouldn't want not to share my life experience and adventures without you knowing how I was able to make it through and how I am going to handle what life has to offer. Then again, I am hoping that you readers (who have already faced same scenarios before me) will share your life's lessons and how you are able to survived it. I think now is the perfect time to share the beautiful life that I am enjoying.

So why the blog's title? I'm always curious and my inquisitiveness leads me to a whole new adventure. They say that curiosity killed the cat, I say curiosity feeds my hunger of new adventure in this double life that I have. I think the title fits me well.

By the way, I was abused by my neighbor when I was little. Maybe that sparks the oddity in me. That's just the start. Hope we'll get to know more of each other as each page is written.


The Curious Cat

I'm not a cat person.


  1. nakyuryus ako talaga.
    welcome to the blogworld and im looking forward for more posts from the furry cat that loves curiosity.


  2. welcome prince_cloud
    share share ng experience sa blog
    hope may mapupulot kayo na aral hehehe

  3. Welcome to blogosphere pare...keep it up and more post to come...

  4. welcome sa mundo ng blog... salamat sa pagdaan!!!

  5. Thanks Mokong.
    looking forward for exchange thoughts.

  6. Thank gillboard.
    naway masiyahan ka sa susunod pa na pagbisita mo sa blog kong to.

  7. The very reason we write the story of our lives is because of our desire to leave something behind when the time of passing finally arrives.

    Welcome to blogspace.

  8. Thanks Knox Galen.
    Slowly I'll open up more of me here. Hope you'll find something sa journey ko.

  9. welcome sa blogosphere. curious ako kung sino ka. sana makilala pa kita sa mga post mo.

  10. Thank Jinjiruks. Makikilala mo ang isang bahagi ng katauhan ko d2.

  11. welcome to the blogspace bro!

  12. para ngang kilala na kita eh. pseudo-nick lang gamit mo. napapansin ko sa mga post mo. kapareho mong magsulat si kuya ***