Thursday, August 13, 2009


When everything was so new to me, like some 5 years ago, I went to a stage where I explored a lot. I meet new people and just had fun. Yes, sex is very much part of it and it’s something that I think most of us shared in common.

Those days were some of the best and the most memorable ones. I used to feel so powerful - like a king who could command anyone at will. Yes, been very bad but I am the type of guy you don’t usually go to Malate or other similar places to look for hookups. I value my “discreetness” and respect those who unfortunately fell for me (feeling). Those were the days and I’d like to think that remains to me as memories na lang.

Well one experience was when my date and I got busted at a cinema in Makati. He’s giving me a head for a while and I think we’re one the second run (movie) before someone noticed and reported us.

“Hoy! Bawal yan,” the man from the theatre bellowed at us.

Grabe laking gulat ko kase I was closing my eyes in ecstasy and then nasigawan. Out of shame I hurriedly zipped up my fly and walk hurriedly for the exit leaving my date (I’m sure he did the same). Nahirapan pa ako itago si junior kase buhay pa kaya tinakpan ko na lang ng shirt ko. Outside I pretended to talk to someone on my mobile phone so no one would notice. I just walked out the theatre, the mall without looking back. So afraid that the management would call cops and arrest us for public display of horniness.

After a while I texted my date and told him sorry. He replied that he’s in the bus and was ok. What a relief. It was a very nice experience though it’s something that I would never do again. High-end mall pa naman yun.
Kung nagkataon ma nenews pa kami. Kakahiya sana. Imagine two tall POST HTTP/1.1athletic guys busted because one is giving the other a head. It’s a good thing that we’re both athletic that we’re able to move fast - really fast.

Don’t worry we hooked up one last time at his cousin’s house. This time, inumaga na kami without interruption

Iyan na lang muna for now.


The Curious Cat


  1. with all my episodes inside the cinemas (first-run), i never experienced that although i would notice commotion nearby because of the act. but i guess that was lesson learned for u. keep safe. :)

  2. I don't think I'll have the guts to do something like that in public. I've only gone as far as kissing... and that's the furthest i can go...

  3. It's like Kuya Trip confessing, except in a different persona. In one of my blog entries, I will reveal some of the dirtiest activities I've done in the past.

    Swerte ko lang, Cinema has been out of my league.

  4. @Trip yep I know. It's the first and probably be the last.

  5. @the closet gentleman somethings happen and gone out of hand. horny nya kase. lol

  6. @Knox Galen hahaha maka back read nga sa blog mo. minsan kase parang kakatuwa balikan mga pinag-gagawa nating kalokohan. mapapa-smile na lang.

  7. as the happy hormones kicks into overdrive,
    there's no stopping what you can.
    and cannot. :)

  8. @Ash hahaha ganun na ata talaga yun.