Tuesday, August 18, 2009


One day, I happen to passed by my neighbor’s when I saw two karpenteros busy reading comics. Since I am an avid reader, I approached them and take a peek. I flushed. It’s an x-rated comic book. The story was carefully and artistically drawn to perfection. Each panel depicts vivid illustration of two people making out. I was like about 7 or 8 years at the time and didn’t know much about it but it really felt different. Somehow, at the back of my mind, it’s something only adults could assimilate. When they became aware of me, they concealed the comic book.

“Uy, may bata. Tarantado ka talaga. Nakita niya tuloy,” the 1st karpentero barked at his friend.

“Ok lang iyan, mas bata matuto mas maganda,” smiled the second one. “Oh, heto isa pa. Sa iyo na, para matuto ka. Huwag mo lang ipakita sa nanay mo ha,” he told me as he handed another book to me.

I gleefully accepted it and run to our house.

Once home, I went to my parent’s bedroom and locked it. I carefully opened the pages and carefully looked at (and memorize) all the drawings - every details. Somehow, I like what I saw. I may not fully understand what it is but I know what I’m doing is wrong but I like it so much so I continued. As each page turned a new exciting feeling won me over. I flushed as I read each balloon conversation. Erotic yet like poems written specially for a lover. Like a serenade echoing in the four corners of my parent’s room which I am forbid to listen to.

Strange as it may seem I take a peek at my own. Trying to compare what I saw on the comic book. It’s somehow different yet the same. I was about take off my shorts to follow the drawings when someone banged at the door.


“Bakit naka lock ito? Sino nasa loob?”

It was mom. I panicked. I didn’t know what to do. I knew I did something wrong because I felt guilty. I felt cold. I hurriedly hid the comic book in between mattress then slowly opened the door.

“Bakit naka lock iyung pinto? Ano ginagawa mo dito?,” mom asked.

I can not respond but just stood still while she tried to look for something.

“Ano ito?,” she saw the comic book. Apparently, I was not able to hide it well. She browsed it and the next thing I knew, pinagpapalo na nya ako. I heard her scolded me some more but her voice was drowned by my own lamentation.

After some time, I went out to go to my friends from the next street. I saw the two karpenteros laughing at me. I knew it was them who told my mom. Bastards. May araw din kayo. Well, it appears that time never came but I learned a lot. In fact, way back in high-school I would draw stuffs like those and sell them to my classmates. Eh kumita na ako nag-eenjoy pa mga kaklase ko. Hehehe.


The Curious Cat

P.S. The image belongs to http://www.enemyofpeanuts.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/3797_20060728205108_large.jpg


  1. i read comic books til now, but haven't seen one of the explicit kind.

  2. I was 6 years old when I first discovered my dad's cache of erotic komiks. Apparently, nobody knew that I was browsing those work of "art" until I first learned to masturbate ten years later.

  3. @The closet gentleman ako din nagbabasa pa din ng comics hanggang ngayon. hahaha you miss a lot pala. madami mga ganyan dati.

  4. @Knox Galen hahaha buti pa tatay mo madami collections. Pahiram lol. late bloomer ka pala hahaha.

  5. ahahaha, parehas halos tayo ng karanasan ang pagkakaiba lang hindi ako nahuli, hehe

  6. *pretender mode*

    yan ba ang tinatawag na porn?

  7. @Atom oo nga buti ka pa. broad daylight ko kase binasa at sa kwarto pa ng parents ko. ang masaklap pa eh 'yung source pa nagsumbong.

  8. @John stanley hahaha. parang 'yun na ata 'yun

  9. naaliw ka po sa mga posts ko?akshuwali, 2 lng po ang types ng posts ko,, yung kikay o yung seryoso..nasa iyo na po kung paano malalaman kung alin ang tunay na ako..tc!

  10. @Period hehehe ung kikay at seryoso mo na mga post ay ang bumubuo ng pagkatao mo.

  11. This is so cute... My aunt almost caught me jacking off in their bedroom in high school. Ahehe. I immediately pulled my trousers but didn't hide the boner.


  12. @parteeboi hehehe ano kaya naisip ni aunt. buti d ka tinanong.