Friday, August 7, 2009


Way back in the province when you submit a report in class it's either hand written or type-written. Only some could afford computer. It's a luxury only a handful could afford. Then one afternoon my parents arrived with a second-hand computer in hand. I was ecstatic knowing that I was very lucky to finally able to have one knowing if ever I need to submit a report; it would be printed on a bond paper by the dot-matrix printer that comes with package. My classmates would be envious; I can already envision their surprise how a poor lad could afford such.

Then our teacher finally gave us a new assignment to be submitted the next day. I hurriedly went home, plug the power cord directly on the outlet and turn the computer on. "Boom!" OMG! I forgot to plug it in the power supply. Nasira ang computer namin. I was scolded because of my carelessness. Therefore, like most of my classmates, I submitted my report hand written.

I graduated high-school without computer but I am looking forward to college knowing that I will be fine because despite being poor I will be able to attend the best university. I was lucky enough to bagged two scholarships. I can see the future a bit clearer now that I graduated high-school and on my way to college.

In college we had one subject that focuses on computer and technology. I am very much excited because I know I'll learn a lot. Never did I know that this subject will open up a new world for me - a world where I never knew existed. Slowly a new personality in me starts to flourished. A whole new part of me was born. I love college, my new self, computer, the technology and the new found freedom I am enjoying.


The Curious Cat


  1. that's quite a lesson learned. before u plugged something on a socket, make sure that they have the same voltage. that happened to me a lot of times. think of not committing same mistake twice but if ur too excited, all lessons learned seem to vanish in a puff.

    nice entry. very honest. :)

    welcome to the blogosphere btw. ;)

  2. Thanks Trip. Hope to see you more often here.