Sunday, August 16, 2009


I didn't receive any text messages from him when I had a sleep over at my friends house. So I decided to go straight to my client the next day. The day almost ended and still no message from him. I called him up by 7pm (yeah, hindi na ako nakatiis).

"Where you at?," asked him over the phone.

"Here at SM, decide to eat kase nagugutom ako," he answered.

"Almost over here na sa client ko so I'm going home na," I informed him.

"Ok," he responded and line went dead.

Crap. Pakshet. So I held a taxi and decided to go home.

Upon entering our pad, he just looked at me and continue whatever he was doing on his laptop.

I undressed to prepare for a bath when my mobile phone ring.

"Pare, we're going to NUVO tonight. Care to join us?" It was Omie*, a horny lawyer friend of mine.

"Sige meet us there. Nasa car na kami," it was Natasha* this time. Omie's newest girlfriend.

"I just arrived home from my client, I'm kind of tired already but will text you if ever. Ok?," I responded.

"Ok, so kita kita na lang," Omie replied. The line went dead.

"So gigimik ka na naman. Make sure to bring clothes if ever you decide not to go home," my partner suggested to me.

"Sasama ka ba? Sige na," I offered.

He did not respond so humiga ako sa kama.

"Huwag ka muna humiga dyan sa kama at hindi ka pa naliligo at madudumihan iyan. Kakachange ko lang ng bed sheets," he angrily told me.

Kaasar but I did not respond. I took a bath and prepared myself for the party. No, I did not go to NUVO last night. Instead, I responded to my other friend's invitation to H2.

I don't really go to Malate but my friend just arrived from abroad so I decided go na lang. On my way to H2 his exbf texted me to meet them somewhere instead.

Malate is prettily much the same. Old clubs and resto were gone but replaced by newer once which offers the same. Same tortured souls looking for a laid still abounds. Girls who secretly love their gay friends join them as their friends look for some hook-ups. Sad. Same story altogether. Malate is still prettily much the same.

I finally saw my friend and found out that he's with some of his exes (4). How convenient was that. We ate and drunk a couple of beers. It's dawn already when we decided we had enough. My friend and one of his ex (who I used to date before I even met my friend) patiently held a taxi for me. They invited me to join them at his ex's pad but I declined. I knew better.

I arrived home, saw my partner sleeping. I took a bath and join him in bed. I hugged him tight and he held my arms and finally closed my eyes. I realized that no matter what, I still love him. How pathetic I am. I just can't help it. My heart still belongs to him.


The Curious Cat

*Not their real names. Omie doesn't know the other me but he knows na babaero ako (dati).
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  1. Have you tried talking with him in a non-judgemental manner?

    Comflicts arise when there areunvoiced expectations that haven't been met.

  2. Until you reach the point (Boulevard of Broken Dreams) where you just pretend that you love your partner when in truth, you're already disgusted by the mere thought of him, still, there is hope in your relationship.

    While reading this entry, I was asking myself if I'm really, really ready to jump into a life you have.

  3. Oh my, this post of urs remind me so much of someone, who BTW experienced what you have been experiencing.

    sadly, as of the latest news, they broke up. it didint work.

    Dont fret, Knox is right there is always hope, keep the fire of love in you burning, maybe it would warm your partners cold flame. Wake up to better mornings with him is much better than having your heart broken by separting with someone you truly love.

    one more thing when you embrace, never be the first one to let go, think that it could be the last embrace with him. :D

  4. Sometimes when you love someone, you have to sacrifice your feelings just to keep the relationship...

    Hope in the end everything works out for you two.

  5. @Eternal always pre. but everytime i starts a conversation he jumps into something else. accusing me of stuffs that i don't trust him or i'm just making things up. so defensive of him.

  6. @Knox whatever outcome sa mga bagay na napagdesisyunan mo ay d naman lagi katulad sa mga nangyayari sa karamihan. until you tried you'll never know.

  7. @Prince_Cloud thanks pre. I will as long as I can. Parang naiisip ko na ako na lang yata e. which makes things more difficult.

  8. @The closet gentleman I know pre but I think he has to do his part. nakakapagod pag laging one-way.