Monday, August 10, 2009


Me and my partner are more that 4 years already.

Last Saturday I arrived at our pad by 8am in the morning after overnight an work. I was exhausted. Then I stripped my clothes off to prepare for the bath. After I put my shirt on top of the desk I saw something, a very old friend of mine. But it was not mine. It's really hard to think because I'm already tired after an exhausting work and this what greeted me upon arriving home but I one this is for sure - I'm mad and confused.

Both of us are top so how come he have this jelly. We don't need it. WTF! I never imagined he would do this to me. How long? With whom? He's been fucking someone around and I didn't even noticed. I was fooled and now I need to rethink twice about or relationship. I think it's time for me to move on and leave. 4 years!!! I guess it really doesn't matter how long huh. I'm really confuse now.

What should I do guys. Help me out. Help me think.


The Curious Cat


  1. You have two choices. The first is to accept that its a fact in every relationship and all you have to do is see it as nothing "personal" to two, bolt out and explore new grounds where you may find someone more ideal. The last relationship I had lasted for 5 years. It was never perfect. The old blog revealed how dirty I played my game, which was my direct response every time he broke my heart.

    Pag-isipan mong mabuti ang iyong mga gagawin dude. Four years is a very long time. Even if freedom was the right course I took, I cannot deny that my past still affect how I conduct my affairs in the present.

    Aabangan namin ang iyong mga susunod na gagawin.

  2. He was my first in this kind of relationship. Been with other girls before and this never happend. I don't understand. Is it really common to this part of the world? we have an 8 years gap, so I expect him to be matured. But he proves to be otherwise.

  3. better talk to him, sort things out. in the four years that you've been together, you could probably tell already when he's lying.

    you decide after that.

  4. As they say, boys will be boys. I don't know how to explain it, because when I played with fire, it was an act of rebellion on my part.

    Knox Galen

  5. try talking to him first. sometimes, you have to listed first before you let out the steam. maybe, he got that one out so that one of you may try it. you know, for added excitement. you've lasted for 4 years, that is something that you can't just throw out. sayang. anyways, open up and raise your concern. communication is the key.

  6. mas ok pag-usapan nyo muna iyan kung bakit meron siyang ganyan hindi iyong tatalon ka agad sa conclusion na meron nga siyang ibang pinagagamitan niyan. ^^l

  7. @John Parang I don't know how to start. Bka kase ano masabi ko na baka i'll regret later. Hirap kase for me to confront.

  8. @Knox So you're saying gaganti din ako? Parang d ko ata kaya un (for now).

  9. @Maxwell Kaya nga mas mahirap for me dude. Parang naiisip ko tuloy na baka matagal na nya ginagawa un at tatanga tanga lang ako kase mahal ko ung tao.

  10. I used to have a lived in partner. We lasted for more than 3 years. What kept the relationship going is the fact that we understood that both of us needs to release the "tension". It may be with me, or with others. What's important is that it only happened once with each person. I believed that love and sex are two different things.

    i used to have a blog. you can read it if you want.