Wednesday, August 12, 2009


While walking on my way home about 1 am this morning I noticed that my partner was outside waiting for me. I was not able to send a text message earlier because apparently my mobile phone died on me before I even began composing a message informing him that I might go home late.

“Aba, inumaga na naman,” he told me.

“Sorry, work. Na drain na kase battery ko eh,” I explained.

He did not reply back so I decided to enter the pad. As soon as I got inside I charged my mobile phone and turned it on. A number of text messages greeted me, but I decided not to read them. Instead I texted him telling him that I have a black chocolate Royce’ for him as pasalubong.

“Eh kainin mo,” he replied back.

Aba galit pala talaga. So I replied, “I’ll just put it on top of the jug in case you want to have it.”

He did not reply so I took a bath and take a nap without waiting for him to go inside the pad.

When I woke up, I found out that he ate it.

“Hmp kakainin din pala,” I told him when I saw him preparing for work.

“Sabi mo eh,” he replied smiling.

Haay I find him hirap intindihin these past few days. It’s good though that I have with my that Royce’ black chocolate or else away na naman inabot ko. Buti na lang din at dalawa inuwi ko para meron naman one for me dba. Syempre ‘yung may almonds sa akin hahaha.


The Curious Cat


  1. Naks, nagkaroon na sila ng peace treaty. Cool.

  2. hahahaha! pakipot si partner, bumibigay din pala. hahaha!

  3. @Knox Galen hahaha for now. gabi-gabi na ako nasesermonan. Buti pa nga parents ko d ako sinisermonan.

  4. @wandering oo nga. ganyan talaga yan. parang ewan.

  5. ang sweet! kainggit

    (inggetero mode lols)

    Quality Time! =D

  6. advantage talaga magkaroon ng pad noh. (ano relation?)

  7. @Prince_Cloud Naku ganun lagi eksena. Away-bati na aparang ewan.

  8. @Jin oo hehehe. Mag pad ka na din.

  9. @the closet gentleman hehehe sana nga chocolate lang lagi