Monday, August 17, 2009


I felt really hot. I thought I am about to be consumed in flames. This scorching heat running within me is nothing new to me but what I am about to do is.

A mere touch upon my shoulder instantly brought electric charges all over me. I don’t know if this is right but there’s no going back. I’m here now at the mercy of strangers’ hunger to taste my petrified soul. Then there’s the kiss. The union of two lips sealed the agreement made earlier over the private exchange of messages over the messenger. Electric charges within my body instantly evaporated as I close my eyes and returned the stranger’s kiss. It was bliss.


It was noon at the internet cafĂ© near our boarding house. I’m busy approving friend requests from strangers from my friendster account (‘yan ang uso way back).

I heard an unfamiliar sound followed by a giggle from a stranger seated next to my computer station. Parang kinikilig sya. I got curios about what he’s doing so I take a peek at his monitor. It was Yahoo! Messenger (YM). I was not familiar then with YM so I asked the person seated next to me what it’s all about. He explained it to me and even gave me one of his accounts for me to explore. He explained about how it’s connected to your e-mail, how to chat, to look for friends and most specially the chat rooms.

After a while I got the hang of it. Trying almost everything, I even turned on the webcam and enter some friendly chat rooms.

Then suddenly a received a PM from someone (who might be a contact of the accounts owner) so I replied that I’m just using this account to explore YM and it was not really mine. I didn’t notice that the owner already left so continued exchanging private messages to the other party.

He is a doctor from Makati Med and he was just looking for a nice conversation – someone to talk before finally going to take a nap. He’s 6’1”, 3 inches taller than me. He’s in his early 30’s and lived just right the other village near my boarding house. We talked a lot –almost every topic known to man. Then he told me that he’s bisexual and very discreet and that he loved to meet me now. I really don’t know how to respond that instant. I’m not really sure if I should meet him or if I should even entertain the thought of seeing him. A lot of things going through my mind but my curiosity won. I agreed. It was my first time to chat and my very first time for an eyeball. He really must have his charms in words to make me agree on seeing him. He was after all a doctor; we all believe what our doctors say, right?

After chatting, I felt hot – really hot. It’s like the first time you had seen porn. Or it’s like the first time you had sex with your girlfriend in public. I know that you know the feeling very well. I had second thoughts. I had never agreed in meeting a person before – much less a man. What if he wants sex? I never had sex with a man before (with consent). What would it be like? Is it the same with girls? So many questions but the only thing to answer it is to meet up with him.

It was very late in the afternoon when I arrived at their village. I texted the number he gave me over the chat and informed him I am outside the house he described. After a few moments a very tall man opened the door. Waved at me and gestured me to come closer. He was smiling. Very nice looking, I didn’t ask for photo or requested him for a webcam so it was just pure luck. And his body looked like he used to go to gym (but been absent for a while) and still very nice to look at.

He assisted me in going to his room. They’re rich, I can tell. He gestured me enter his room and I sat near the end of the bed.

“What should we do?,” he asked.

“I don’t know,” I flushed. I must look so stupid having no idea or whatsoever.

He sat next to me and put his hand on my shoulder. He planted his lips on mine. I was shaking. He continued kissing me and after a while I returned the favor.


As he began to undress and planted kisses all over me, I feel something different. Something I’ve never felt before. He must have kissed every part of me but I never felt shy anymore. I’m in bliss. Sparks shooting like fireworks. Sweat flows incessantly from exchanged body heat. His warmth secures me and assured me that it’s ok.

His mouth enveloped my manhood – the whole of it. I grabbed his hair for something to hold on to. I can’t almost bear the feeling as he slid it in and out while his tongue do wonders I can only dreamt of. He must have liked it so much. Each moan I released a twist and turn were returned by his tongue. I never knew that I could feel more from what I experience from my past lovers. I never knew that a man can top what girls can do. I’m almost there but I controlled myself. I don’t want to end it just yet. Not yet.

'Til next time for the rest of my first time.


The Curious Cat