Monday, September 14, 2009


Two Sundays ago, my partner and I decided to go to Malate for a drink. Actually he was the one who asked me to accompany him for a drink there. I was a bit surprise because both of us don’t really frequent the area since he doesn’t request that so often,I agreed. Besides Monday is a holiday and I don’t have clients to deal with so I don’t have to wake up early the next day.

It was already 11pm when we left the pad. On our way, rain started to pour along Nagtahan Bridge, I wanted to ask my partner if we should go back because of the rain but my willingness to spend the night with him alone (and the desire to drink too hahaha), I didn’t.

Just right before O-bar we asked the driver to pull-over and we ran to the nearest place to shelter us from the rain. My partner told me that he has an upset stomach due to his hyper-acidity so we strolled around the area to buy medicine. After searching we were able to find one near Pan Pacific.

We strolled for few minutes more because some of the places he used to hang out were already gone. Then we decided to go back to Nakpil Street and try to look for a place there instead.

Then we finally settled to (I forgot the name) some place which serves inasal, ihaw-ihaw etc. It’s located on the 2nd floor of another bar. We ordered beer and pulutan. He was not able to drink a lot due to hyper acidity so I grab the opportunity to drink more.

After my seventh beer I glanced down the street of Nakpil then took a glanced at O-bar. I am really curious about that place but so afraid to go because gays patronized the place. As much as I would like to explore, I didn’t because I still value my discreetness and have no plans on outing myself.

Then I noticed this one guy looking at me while he walked (maybe he’s going to O-bar). I can’t help but look back. Then he stopped walking and continued his stare at me. I flushed. I have no intention of introducing myself to the guy and besides I’m on a date with my beau. He nodded at me asking me if I’m interested. I didn’t replied back; instead I looked to another direction and completely ignored him. After a while I looked down again to check if he was still there and he was. So I signaled him that I’m with someone while my partner went to the restroom.

It was already 4am when we decided to go home. After paying the bill I went downstairs while my partner went to the restroom for the last time. I was standing outside when another guy approached me. He looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. He went to my direction.

“Hi,” he greeted me.

“Oh sorry, may kasama na ako eh,” I replied knowing what his intentions were (alam ko na mga ganyang moves so before he could start his introductory spiel ayun sinabi ko na may kasama ako. Pero sayang din kase cute din siya hahaha).

“Saan ba siya? Uwi ka na ba?,” he asked (pa cute pa).

“Oo, uuwi na kami ng kasama ko,” I replied him politely.

“Ah ganun ba. So kelan ka babalik?,” he asked again.

But before I could reply my partner was already there next to me.

“So pano, aalis na kami, nice meeting you,” as I bid goodbye.

The stranger just nodded and continued to smile as we passed by him (sorry na lang siya at mas gwapo partner ko hahaha).

While walking towards Taft along Nakpil Street my partner made sarcastic comments.

“Cute ‘yun ah. Bakit hindi ka pa sumama sa kanya.”

“Tange ka ba. Nag-hi lang ‘yun. Sama ka diyan,” I answered back.

“Asus, ma-appeal ka pa rin talaga kahit mataba ka na ngayon,” he continued teasing me.

When I smile he added, “Malandi ka talaga.”

“Ano ka ba? Ako kaya nilapitan. Eh ano gawin ko paalisin siya. Napakarude naman ‘nun,” I explained.

“Oh, andyan pa siya sa likoran natin sumusunod. Lapitan mo na uli,” he informed me.

Tara na nga at bilisan na natin at may araw na,” I angrily told him while trying my best to hold my temper which is very short when I’m drunk.

Few minutes passed by before we finally caught a cab. Before entering the cab I tried to look back across the street and found the guy standing looking at our direction then slowly turned around, maybe to go back and search for another lonely soul to spend the night with.

After a few days while we’re laying down the bed and were about to sleep, he turned around to face me.

“Alam mo. Gustong-guto ko bugbugin ka nung nakita kita may kausap sa Malate habang umiihi ako. Itulak dun sa pader at ipokpok ulo mo nang natauhan ka.”

“Grabe ka naman wala naman ako ginawang masama. Siya lang naman lumapit,” I tried to elucidated.

“Alam ko. Basta,” he retorted.

Silence. Then we fell asleep.


The Curios Cat

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  1. the sweetness of being fierce.

    irony at its best

    <*tap on the shoulder*>

    ingatan mo yan, kaibigan

    marami ang ayaw maging single

    at mas lalong marami ang napapagod ng maging single

  2. ewan ko. pero kinilig ako sa post mo ;-)

    haven't read you that well. but all the best to you & your partner =)

  3. May isang time, muntikan na akong kuyugin sa Mint dati kasi yung first ex ko eh may kalandiang iba sa dance floor. Nag walk out ako tapos binangga ko lahat ng gym bunny na bading na nakatambay palabas ng pintuan.

    One thing I've learned is to never bring a partner in Malate.

    Na miss ka namin ah.

  4. Honestly, your story scared me.

    Possessiveness expressed through threats of physical abuse isn't really my cup of tea.

  5. Tagal mo nawala ah. di pako nakakapunta ng ganung lugar, at di ko yata kaya pumunta ng malate lalo na kung may date.

  6. When you are taken, Malate is never the place to be.

  7. violence, i love it!

    hahaha, masochist lang daw ang drama.

    good luck to you.

  8. @Knox_Galen d ko naman inasahan na may lalapit tsaka malayo layo din kami dun sa area na madami bi.

    Oo nga kase bigla dumami clients ko ulit kaya naging busy. Thanks pre ha. Natuwa naman ako at may nakaalala sa akin.

  9. @Eternal so far hindi pa naman nangyayari 'yun. siguro hindi naman aabot sa ganun. at least nalaman ko na nagseselos pa din siya haha.

  10. @Engel busy pre dahil bigla dumagsa clients ko. wala naman sa plano 'yun bigla lang nagyaya partner ko.

  11. medyo may hint of violence pero still, atleast may hint din ng jealousy. and jealousy means affection. controlled lang dapat.

  12. @Maxwell oo control naman niya. hindi naman niya nature iyong manakit.

  13. The Curious Cat,

    "and if we get too close this evening, we'll grow apart in time. and if all else fails, i'll come running back, wonderin where you went with my heart."


  14. ang-sweet kaya nito. hehe. i'm on backread mode xtian. lol