Thursday, October 22, 2009


“Ayan na siya Xtian, parating na siya,” Met-Met* whispered to me. Excited as she glanced at the young guy in early 20’s about to pass Met-Met’s mother’s tindahan.

I went near Met-Met to see who she’s referring to. I already know who but would just to see the young man and also get awed by his totality. He was Jay Kidlat*, Met-Met’s ultimate crush. In fact most women from the area go gaga over Jay.

Jay Kidlat is your typical dream guy. Tall, handsome, great body and oozing with sex appeal. He’s one of the best “point guard” in the neighborhood wherein he plays most of the “paliga” in the city.

It was a routine of us every 3 to 4pm in the afternoon. I was in grade 1 then so my classes were only in the morning and I have the entire afternoon by myself if my grandmother forgets to force me for an afternoon nap.

One day, while waiting for Jay to pass the tindahan, I seated next to Met-Met. It’s almost 5pm but no Jay Kidlat came. Then one guy bought a stick of cigarette and a “snow bear” to the store he told Met-Met’s mom that Jay Kidlat just died.

Upon hearing it, I felt coldness in my entire body. I was so shock and so was Met-Met. It’s totally unexpected. Then she cried. I cried with her, because I know her childhood crush will pass her mother’s tindahan no more. I cried with her because I felt sorry for Met-Met. Some people heart gets broken so early that any chance of being able to love never materialized.

Up to now, poor Met-Met can’t find herself a boyfriend. Lots of guys are actually courting her but she can’t seem to find the ideal man in anyone of them. I don’t know really what she’s looking for (because I dare not ask) but I think at youth, she already carved an ideal man for her in Jay Kidlat. Poor Met-Met.

Anyway, I was so kilig this morning that I have to write about it. Speaking of crushes, I happened to accompany my crush while walking towards the office. OMG ang cute niya, maputi, medjo Spanish tingnan, maganda ang skin, maputi kaso nasa 5’5” to 5’7” lang ang height. Pero ok na ‘yun. Gosh, even ang barbers cut bagay sa kanya. Basta ang gwapo niya at ito ‘yung catch, he’s already married. Hmp.

Binati ko siya noong inabutan ko siya sa paglakad. Siyempre, I stand taller than him so my steps are longer compared to him.

“Hi Sir Richard*,” I greeted him not knowing if he’ll respond or not.

“Oh Xtian, musta na?,” he responded. Am I hearing it right? He knows my name? And he’s asking how I am na? Teka teka, am I even awake ba?

Kase ganito ‘yun. Si Sir Richard kase belongs to a different department on the second floor of the building. My department is on the 3rd. However, if you want to apply for an account in the office you have to submit the forms to their department. He’s the one approving them. When I just started working the office some 3 years ago, mali-mali ‘yung application ko ng account ko. So he called me up and asked me to go to their department. He scolded me because of the mistakes I’ve done in the forms over the phone.

I went to their office asking for Sir Richard. OMG. From the moment I laid my eyes on him, tinamaan ako big time. Of course, hindi ako nagpahalata. I’m so nervous because I really like him. I’m glad that the reason I was there was due to the mistakes I’ve done in my application so it’s ok to be nervous because it’s expected to be scolded.

Snub pala siya. So minus pogi points na ‘yun. Then I saw the ring, double-triple minus because he’s married already. Pero mas nanaig ang kagwapuhan niya kay erase pa din ang mga minus points na mga ‘yun.

From time to time I call his office if I have request of an access or changes in my account. He always give me cold-shoulder, even when we cross our paths on the hallways.

Then he was transferred to the other building because he got promoted when the guy who recently held the position resigned his spot.

Since my line of job requires me to contact that department (the one he just transferred into) so I still have to talk to him.

So that’s why I was shocked at pinansin niya ako and actually remembered my name. Bihira lang kase ako nagkaka crush at laging taken na o married pa ang mga ‘yun kaya ayun I just can’t help na kiligin.

While on the way, he asked me about work. About the issues I raised on the system, that he’ll take a look at it to see what he can do. Blah blah blah, I was not really listening but keep on looking at him as if I’m interested to the stuffs he’s saying but actually just looking at him, memorizing his facial details and flaws. Mas gwapo pala siya sa malapitan at mas gwapo pala siya na ngayon ay ngumingiti na siya sa akin.


The Curious Cat

*Not their real names to protect my identity.
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  1. Naks, dalagang dalagang Pilipina talaga ha!

  2. loko ka Galen. Minsan lang to tsaka dagdag inspiration para pumasok lol

  3. @xtian1978ii..matagal ko nang gustong maging vegetarian, kaso nahihirapan kasi akong maghanap ng veggie meat kapag nagke-crave ako sa meat dishes...

    ah, nga pala, the name kristian is really close to my heart...kasi yun ang name ng pinaka-closest friend ko na ngayon ay nasa ibang bansa na

  4. ay anlantod. kinikilig ang dalaginding!

    at least friendly naman pala siya outside of work.

  5. @Period from the day I decided na mag vegetarian ako, never ako nagcrave sa pork at beef. parang insant. vege meat sucks big time.

    Talaga period? baka magiging close blog friends tayo hehe.

  6. @John haha isa ka pa ha.

    hindi siya friendly talaga dati. nagkasalubong kaya kami sa mall one time, kasama niya wife at kids niya then kasama ko partner ko (siyempre hindi niya alam na partner ko kasama ko) e deadma niya kaya ako noon

  7. ang landiiiiiiii

    kuritin kita sa singit!


  8. cute naman. may kilig na nagaganap. okay lang yan, all of us have that. just like you said, inspiration para pumasok sa office.

  9. xtian, ur my favorite blogger na. inaabangan ko lahat ng posts mo. ang galing mo magsulat, very smooth. =D



  10. @EW haha tara kurutan tayo lol
    mas malandi ka kaya

  11. @Engel hehe oo nga Engel, minsan lang naman d ba. crush lang naman.

  12. @Prince_cloud salamat ha, happy naman ako.