Friday, October 23, 2009


The last miscellany that would tell that there was a fireworks display just took place were the beaming people who are still in awe from witnessing the spectacular occurrence.

It has been more than an hour than the agreed time of the encounter of two vapid being longing for a taste of bodily pleasure. Yet here I am still waiting still holding on to the promise that he’ll come to meet me.

Alabang Town Center is still the same from the last time I went there a year ago, the same scenes on stage over and over again played by different cast, but same familiarity nonetheless. I was at the heart of the mall, sipping the sugar infested coffee that attempts to ice up my assiduous brain to no avail. I’m still bored from waiting had he not called earlier that he had last minute chat with his patient, I already make off.

“Sorry Xtian,” Dandy* told me as he tapped my shoulder.

I turned around a bit surprise from his gesture. “Ikaw lang pala, buti na lang nagkape na ako at hindi nakatulog sa pag-antay sayo,” I replied frigidly.

“Kaya ka pala nagugulat agad dahil sa kape,” he tried to crack a joke.

“Ano na? Tara na at anong oras na,” I demanded as I stood up from the metal chair.

“Tara, medyo malayo lang nakapark ‘yung car ko so konting lakad lang ha,” he smiled.

We left the coffee house to head for his car.

He was taller than me and leaner. The photo he showed me earlier that day did not do him justice. He looks good in the photo but so much better in person. Maybe some people are not just photogenic or maybe he didn’t know what photoshop is. He walks confidently as we stride the busy pathway going to his car. Maybe it’s because of his profession, the confidence he gained from meeting people from differentPOST HTTP/1.1 walks of life.

When he was about to open his car, light flashes towards us coming from another car.

“Hey Dandy!,” someone shouted. “Sino na naman ‘yang bibiktimahin mo Doc,” the person added.

“Loko, pinsan ko ‘to si Xtian kagagling ng Manila,” he shouted back.

“Ah ok. Sige, uwi na ako at maaga pa tayo magbukas ng clinic bukas,” the man replied as his engine starts and his vehicle leaves the car park.

“Sino ‘yun?,” I inquired.

“Kasama ko na doctor din sa clinic. Pasok na at alis na tayo,” he demanded.

While on the car we were discussing a lot of stuff. Our conversation went well until he discussed his clients. He told me that once he intended to cut his patients lips because his client talks rubbish all the time. That he had to stitch it back afterwards. He also told me about another client that he had to push the needle harder so that the patient will feel pain. He just wanted to, he told me.

He told me a lot of stuff more. He even told me if I had felt pleasure in pain. That I reach orgasm while pain is inflicted on me. I was no longer interested in his stories, the truth, I barely listen to him. I started to get scared of him, really scared of him. I wanted to open the car’s door and jump right off. I wanted to stop the car for me to escape. What if he’s a serial killer like the one I saw in the movies? What if he’ll kill me in the middle of the talahiban? No one will see me there of course. The thought scared me even more.

Ayan kase sa kalibugan kahit sino-sino na lang ang i-meet porket gwapo at lalaking lalaki kausap ay meet na agad. Hindi man lang inisip ang kaakibat na piligro na maaring mangyari sa akin. Parang nawala na libog ko at gusto ko na lumayo sa kanya. Heto pa, parang enjoy na enjoy siya sa kwento niya at sa mga nagiging reaksyon ko nito.

He drives really slowly so I thought I could open the door easily and jump off in case he’ll do something to me.

“Malapit na tayo,” as told me as he pointed his house.

He stopped the car and parked it right outside. He gestured me to enter his house. His house located in some village in Alabang. Not too big but very cozy. I noticed that there was another man inside, his caretaker.

“Bong* bili ka nga ng softdrinks doon sa tindahan at may bisita tayo,” he told his caretaker.

He handed some cash and Bong left with a word.

“Malayo ang tindahan kaya maari na nating gawin ‘yung balak natin,” Dandy smiled as he pulled me towards his room.

He started to undress and undress me. I can’t move and I’m uneasy, apparently still worried from his stories. I’m still scared. We had sex and it was very uneventful. Siya lang lahat gumawa ng moves. Matapos labasan tumayo agad ako at nagbihis.

“Baka darating na ‘yung boy mo,” I warned him. More of a warning for myself actually.

“Matagal pa ‘yun,” he also started to get dress.

“Late na kase, ihatid mo na ako ha,” I requested him.

“Sige na nga,” he sighed.

He drove me back to Alabang and I left without a word. Nagmamadali ako makasakay para makalayo sa kanya. Wala akong pakialam kung naging boring man ako sa sex namin basta makalayo na ako at safe, 'yun lang nasa isipan ko sa mga oras na 'yun.

Makaraan ang ilang araw nakikipag chat pa din ako at nakikipag meet sa ibang libog na taong katulad ko na nais lamang ilabas ang init ng katawan. Hindi na naisip ang kakaibang karanasan sa weirdong doctor na nakasex ko. Mukha yatang mas malakas ang tawag ng laman sa akin sa mga panahon na ‘yun kase sa sariling kaligtasan. Pag libog nga naman hahamakin ang lahat mairaos lamang.

Like the remnants of fireworks I witnessed earlier, the last memory I had of Dandy is the grin (he wears when he told his stories) weirdly and eerily like the last fading smile of the Cheshire cat.


The Curios Cat

*Not their real names to hide my identity.
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  1. scary naman si doc. akala niya siguro nakaka-turn on yung ganon. ingat always, my friend. :)

  2. Lemme guess, mas bata ka sa doctor no? You were umm, in your mid 20s nun. The doc was in his 30s. Tama ba?

  3. interesting. meron talagang mga tao na ganyan ang fetish.

  4. ang libog nga naman, hehehe. ingat lang bro!

  5. arousing and kinky in way pero katakot naman. haha.

  6. Your doc sounds like a poseur.

    Which is why S&M remains pathetically misunderstood in this misbegotten land.

    Ah, well. Glad to hear you dodged that bullet.

  7. @Aris oo nga. hindi ko naman siya binigyan ng impression na I'm into that.

  8. @Galen haha tama ka. hmm ikaw ba 'yun? lol joke lang.

  9. @Engel oo nga so dapat careful talaga

  10. @Eye_spy haha hindi ako na turn out sa ganun hehe

  11. @Rudeboy dapat he should have ask me sa YM first if trip ko din iyong ganun e hindi naman siya nagtanong

  12. @ xtian1978iii : Precisely what makes him a rank amateur - if even that.

    BDSM is a mindfuck in more ways than one. And this may come as a shock to the casual observer, but it's actually the "sub" who calls the shots in that game, appearances to the contrary.

    But that's enough for an entire post of its own.

  13. @xtian, naku, bihira naman ako makatapat ng ganito na mga food chain crew, thank god.

    and about your post, oh my gosh, parang kilala ko yata yang duktor na yan..a friend of mine shared something about it na dumating sa point nagpatawag sya [para makatakas lang dahil sa takot kay dok.ewk

  14. well it's a small world afterall, we're bound to bump into one another. kaya extra careful talaga needed.

  15. katakot.

    reg my post, okay lang yun noh. pareho lang naman tayo nagdaan doon. mahirap talaga ang maging mahirap, pero meron din dulot na saya. =)