Monday, October 12, 2009


Few years ago...

I waited for him outside National Bookstore in SM North. He was already 20 minutes late. I should have left the place if he hadn’t called me up apologizing, explaining that he was struck in traffic. A few minutes more and a Toyota Rav-4 halted in front to where I am standing. The passenger seat window opened and the driver wearing an aviator asked if I am Xtian. I nodded and he signaled me to come in.

I really would like to say no but don’t want to appear rude. He doesn’t really look the same with the photo he showed me. My instincts told me not to but I’m so horny already so I gave in.

“So saan tayo?,” I asked the chubby man driving the car. He was dress very nicely, clad in black with green detailing polo shirt neatly tuck in blue denim. He was darker in person than the photo he showed me over YM. Slimmer even in his photo. I was wondering when did he took the photo he gave me earlier. “Daya,” I told myself silently.

“Malapit lang bahay ko dito. I have a clinic. It’s close so we can use it,” he answered. I think he’s only 5’5” or something. Contrary to what he told me that he’s 5’9”. I’m 5’10” so I can tell that he’s not 5’9” at all. “Daya talaga,” told myself again.

He’s right his clinic not that far but the traffic is impossible so I understand why he came in late.

He parked the car in front of his clinic; he removed his aviator sun glasses before disembarking on his car. He’s a dentist and that explains the clinic. He opened the door and led me inside his clinic. As soon as the he closed the door he tried to kiss me but told him I don’t kiss.

“Arte mo,” he barked at me. The nerve, he doesn’t have a choice. I don’t really like him and definitely not my type so what if I don’t want to kiss him.

Instead of answering I just push him down to his knees. He unbuckled my belt and unzipped my fly, pushed down my pants and boxers, let him exposed myself in front of him. I think he was so horny too that he swallowed it all without hesitation. I was surprise that he’s good at giving head. Then I began shoving it deeper further into his throat. He gagged at first then followed my thrusting.

“F*ck me,” he begged me.

I nodded.

He positioned himself at the couched. I opened the condom which I got from my pocket. Insert it to my throbbing c*ck. He handed me a lotion which I put some on my c*ck. He already undressed himself. He was lying on his back but told him to stand up first because I want a doggy style. He obliged. I started f*cking him when:

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Knock. Knock. Knock.

“WTF! Who is that?!,” I asked whispered at him.

“Oh f*ck. I forgot. I have a client by 5pm,” he answered.

He stood up to check the person by the window while I was tying to cover myself as if he hadn’t seen me naked already. “This is embarrassing,” I told myself.

He opened the door and most of his body by the clinic’s door and told his client to come back tomorrow. He explains that he has problem with tools that he forgot to tell his clients about. After a while his client left.

I was about to get dress when he told me not to and continue what we began. I told him that I’m not interested anymore.

“Could we at least jerk together?,” he offered.

“Sorry but we could do it some other time. I would appreciate it if you could drive me back to SM,” I answered and continue to get dress. Duh.

He drove me back to SM and thanked him for the ride.

“Call me,” he told me as I stepped out of his car.

“Promise,” I lied.

Later I erased his number and change my stealth settings to permanently invisible on his ID. Then I entered the gymgoers chat room. I start typing:

“Open cam here,” I invited everyone to see me. I’m horny and I’m on a hunting mode.


The Curious Cat

Disclaimer: I only show my face ha. Hindi ako nagshoshow.


  1. Kalibugan: hahamakin ang lahat masunod ka lamang

    --- --

    off topic:

    well mukhang matagal pa para mag-gluta ang mga uwak.. the sky have to fall first.

  2. @Dabo haha gagawin ang lahat para mkaraos


    haha kahit pa hindi ko yata kaya gawin 'yun

  3. haha, the things we do for lust.

  4. ang horny!!! lolz

    kakamiss maging promiscuous.

  5. @Prince_Cloud hehe mabuti naman at napasaya kita

  6. @Maxwell lol hindi naman lagi. minsan lang

  7. @Engel haha horny ko nga pala dati. lalo na 'yung bago pa sa lahat sa akin 'to.

    kakamiss talaga ha. ganun ka pala dati engel.

  8. ow parang hindi na for general patronage si xtian! ;)

  9. Di ba John?!

    Naku buti na lang I know not of such...


  10. @John kaw talaga. kailangan na ba ng warning mga posts ko?

  11. @EW aba nagpapaka inosente haha. Landi mo nga lol

  12. Kawawang dentista.
    Bitin na, ouch!
    Dumped pa, double ouch!