Monday, October 12, 2009


It’s been quite a while since I’ve been spending more time with work, friends and clients. Most of the time I went home late from work, then meeting friends Friday nights and working a lot with clients over the weekends. My partner and I barely talked because it’s either he’s already asleep when I get home or I’m too tired already and went straight to bed after shower.

One thing I’ve noticed though is that now that I’m very busy he keeps on checking on me. Sending me text messages to ask where I am, what I’m doing and whether I’m going home or not even if I already told him my plans. He sometimes would send endless messages if I am not able to reply immediately. Then when we find time for each other, we don’t talk that much and oftentimes he would busy himself of some school work or talk to someone over the phone.

Last weekend was not an exception. Friday night I accompany a friend. We watch a movie and then just hang out ‘til 1am. Went home and found my partner already asleep. I woke up by 7am and my partner already left for the University. Then I prepared myself to meet up with client and then spent time with my client ‘til 4am the next day. Went home and found my partner already asleep. Transfer data to my laptop then went to the shower and sleep. Hug him and he hugged me back. Woke up by 11am and wake my partner up. Ask him to prepare himself because we’re going to a lunch date before I went to a party for some business launching. By 5pm I decided not to go because I’m still exhausted and already tired. We went home and I fall asleep.

I woke up by 6am finding my partner already about to leave for the University.

“Grabe ka, ilang oras ka nang tulog,” he told me.

“Oo nga eh. Sobra yata ako napagod,” I replied.

“Bangon ka na at anong oras na. Papasok ka pa sa work,” he demanded.

I stood up and stretch my arms and legs.

“Hindi pa talaga inayos at tinupi ‘yung kumot,” he told me while fixing the bedsheets.

I didn’t reply, instead I pick up the towel and head straight to the bathroom. After taking a bath he already left. Prepared myself then went straight to the office.

For the month of September ganyang lang nangyayari sa amin (except of course when Ondoy came) pretty much a routine.


The Curious Cat


  1. Ganyan rin nangyayari sa akin, except that I have less time at home, with my family and almost all my time devoted to work.

    Good thing I'm still able to maintain my blog.

    Na miss ka namin.

  2. Grabe ka kase yata ka workaholic knox. Pero good thing you still find time na makapag gimik kase mahirap walang pang release ng stress.

    Salamat naman at namiss nyo ako hehe.

  3. Tama si Mugen.

    Welcome back sa pagsusulat ;)

  4. okay lang routine. that means your life is going back to normal. that's better compared to the days na di kayo magkasundo ng partner mo, right?

  5. @Engel oo ok na siguro 'yun kahit papano wala gaano expectation diba at less away.

  6. agree with engel. i'd take routine over chaos any day of the week.

  7. hinay hinay lang, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. take it easy bro.

    and yeah, atleast, kahit papano, medyo nagre-reachout na sya sayo. :)

  8. @citybuoy sabagay may point kayo ni Engel. kapagod din kase 'yung away lagi. buti na lang at hindi na gaano mainitin ulo niya hehe.

  9. @Maxwell sayang kase 'yung dating ng mga clients. Hard to resist hehe.

    oo nga at may patxt-txt na siya haha

  10. what i noticed about the post are the text messages that you received - kung kumain ka na etc.

    i suddenly remembered my ex, he does the same thing everday: check if i ate my meal, if i'm home, what am i doin and what have yous. funny, but i don't like this - that anyone would always check on what i'm doin.

    lalang, naalala ko lang. hahaha. =)

  11. @Mr. Scheez maybe that's his way of telling you that he misses you.