Friday, October 30, 2009


We were in Cebu on the summer of 2002. The scorching heat penetrates the walls of our humble abode. I just arrived from the mall after my girlfriend broke up with me. It was a long day and need to cool and douse my spent body. Need to ease the weariness and anger deeply rooted in me. The hot Cebu nights didn’t offer illumination to all those things irritating me that time.

As always the boys are drinking again to the mix of gin and pomelo juice, trying to ease each own problems. Laughing out loud to two almost naked guys intertwined in each other extremities to be the Ultimate Fighting Champion. Days like these seemed endless, repeatedly happening like a cheap R-rated film playing over and over again like an old cinema in Quiapo. Each of us has our problems but we’re all united in drinking to get away from reality. Letting the spirit drenched our souls and hoping in vain to be happy even for a night.

But tonight is no ordinary night. I’ll make sure of that.

I was sitting at the chair near the kitchen when Jong* called my attention up. He went near me.

“Xtian, Dina’s* waiting for you at the balcony. She wants to see you,” Jong whispered.

I stood up and he sat to the chair I was sitting a while ago as I left. I look back to take a look at him but he was busy watching UFC now and drinking the concoction I left behind.

The veranda was dark except for the partly lighted corner by the street lamp across the boarding house. I search for Dina and found her lying silently at the hammock secured by two opposite post at the veranda. I went near Diana to ask her why she called me up.

“Hey, you’re calling for me. What’s up?,” I whispered.

“I heard you broke up with your girlfriend,” she told me.

“Yes and I prefer not to discuss it,” I replied firmly.

“Sorry Xtian, kase I’m planning to break up with my boyfriend too. I’m not happy with him anymore,” she informed me.

I am quite stunned by what she confessed so I come near her holding the hammock near to where her head rests.

“You ok?,” I asked. Concerned.

“I like you Xtian, I know alam mo na ‘yun,” she whispered as she run her fingers to my chest.

Pareho tayo hindi na happy sa ating mga karelasyon at alam mo you like me to,” she teased me.

Kiss me,” she demanded.

I closed my eyes and succumbed to her request. It was a hot night and her lips sizzle as my lips touches hers. Hers were soft and plump while mine were dry and rough. It started slowly then we kissed passionately like crazy, both trying to quench the thirst that’s been haunting us from the first time we laid on each others eyes.


It was afternoon when my best friend Trey* fetch me and Orly* from the airport. It was so hot. Cebu is hot, I thought.

“Xtian, Orly. Hmm we will not be having the same boarding house because I’ll be staying with my cousin. Pero you’ll be staying doon sa boarding house ng classmate ko sa Atene noong high school. Si Mico*, mabait ‘yun so magkakasundo kayo,” Trey informed us.

We hailed a cab and traveled all the way from the Mactan to Labangon. It was a long ride and the day is hot, the cab’s air-conditioning system didn’t offer any help.

“Here we are,” Trey announced.

The boarding house is a two story house, old and built mostly on wood apart from the posts and loggia. This will do, I said to myself. After Trey paid the cab he helps us carry our luggage to the house. He introduced us to the landlady and the rest of the people living in it.

Then I saw Dina, she’s about 5’7” and very slim. She’s pretty and her smile’s captivating. She has long black hair and dreamy eyes. She failed in the chest department though, but it’s ok for I’m no cow. I am instantly attracted to her and not quite sure if she’s into me.

Diana and I became very close and talk almost about anything. Evertime our schedule permit us to be together we just hang out. We clicked and could have been more that friends but since the two of us are in a relationship so we just remain friends.


Diana unzipped my fly and pulled it down. I am still standing beside the hammock. I help her by pulling my pants all the way. She gently caresses my c*ck from outside my boxers. It’s hard now and longing for her. It’s been 5 months now since I know her and my suppressed feelings for her could hold it no longer.

“Tapusin mo na Xtian, please,” she pleaded me as I look into her eyes.

I began to pull her shirt up; it was dark so no one will take notice of us there. The boys are busy drinking so there’s no way they will be bothersome. I touched her breasts, caressing them.

“Please, do it now,” she demanded while she closed her eyes. Apparently she doesn’t want foreplay.

I pull down her shorts and panty to expose her wholeness, wishing I could see it but it was impossible for its dark and it’s ok. I raise my left leg and position it on her right, the hammock is swaying us so I find it hard to find my balance. I position my other leg on her left and planted it firmly on floor to balance ourselves over the hammock.

I enter her slowly. I forgot to bring protection because things happen so fast. I can’t let it destroy our stolen moments. She moaned as I penetrate her deeper. She began to pull my shirt up and throw it unto the floor. She then hugged me and our sweaty body touched. It was instant bliss.

“Tapusin mo na, bilis,” she demanded again.

I am now thrusting deeper and faster and kissed her so for her not to make any sound. She moaned silently, almost there and faster and deeper while the hammock shakes vigorously.

“I’m almost there, bilisan mo na,” she again demanded.

Faster now and there it was, an explosion of restrained emotion and longing for her, for each other.

“Kuya, ano ginagawa nyo ni ate Dina?”

WTF! It was Carol*, the landlady grand daughter busted us; she was 7 years of age.

“Hey, Carol. Nahilo kase ate Dina mo, tinulungan ko lang makahinga,” I answered.

“Ha? Ganun ba? Teka tawagin ko si lola,” she worriedly replied and was about to go.

“Wag, huwag na, ok na siya. Diba Dina?,” I seeked Dina’s help.

“Ok na ako Carol, sige na at bubuhatin na lang ako ni kuya Xtian mo papunta sa kwarto,” Dina told Carol.

“Sige po,” Carol replied as she went back inside the house.

“Buti na lang madilim,” I sighed.


The board exam is fast approaching so Dina and I barely time for each other. She’s working on night shifts and I was reviewing for the upcoming exams. We scarcely see each other until time ran out for the two of us.

On my way to the airport as I am leaving Cebu, Dina sent me SMS.

Message 1: Xtian, I didn’t help you packing your things last night. As you noticed, I locked myself inside my room because it pains me to bid you goodbye.

Message 2: I wish we had more time for each other but I’m glad to know you. You see I like you and wish for more. I don’t want to think that what we had is just a summer fling.

Message 3: I hope you’ll cherish the time we had for each other. Goodbye.


I recently found her friendster account. She still looks amazingly beautiful. She has a 7 year old child now whose eyes eerily like mine. She’s married already..

The Curious Cat

*Not real names to hide and protect the identities of persons involved.


  1. kamukha mo yung anak, aking kuya?

    naku, kuya xtian, baka anak mo yun!


    i love your is also the name of my bestfriend..kaya siguro magaan ang loob ko sa iyo, kuya xtian

  2. buti di napigtas ang hammock :P

    rude, engel, ang popcorn. dali! may bago na namang palabas sa xtian xaviera show!

  3. kuya xtian!

    ahahaha, so it seems hindi po tayo nagkakalayo ng edad..hindi ko po alam yung hibi na chichirya eh..

    nakalimutan ko nga po isama yung REGENT SWEET CORN na nagpa-uso ng sweetcorn na chichirya..ahihihihi

  4. @Period haha hindi naman siguro. Hindi na kami naguusap since pag alis ko sa Cebu.

  5. @ernie haha gawin bang movie buhay ko, pero why not basta nakakaentertain at napupulutan ng aral

    ung tibay ng duyan na 'yun. yun ang gamit ng mga sundalo kaya

  6. @Period oo ilang taon lang naman

    sayang hindi mo natikman ang hibi, sa simula lang masarap yung regent sweet corn hehe

  7. i just love summer... and all the fun it brings!

  8. Tangina!! Astig to. Haha.

    Naalala ko tuloy, palagi kong resentment sa lesbo colleague ko na sana gumawa muna ako ng junior bago ummm...

    Tumawid sa kabilang bakod.

  9. @The Geek yup I love summer too. looking forward next summer haha

  10. @Galen haha nako Galen huwag mo na isipin 'yun malay mo in the future magiging tatay ka din dba may silbi pa naman 'yang alaga mo hehe

    pero weird lang kase natuwa ako noong nakita ko pic ng anak niya

  11. Straight sex??? Kadiri! Hahaha. Kidding!

    Naku nagkaanak ka sa kanya?!

  12. @Mike haha kaw talaga. kadiri ka diyan e patikim ko kaya sayo lol

    ewan ko I'm scared to inquire hehe

  13. daddy xtian na tawag ko sayo from now on. =)

  14. buti na lang madilim. at buti na lang bata. hahaha!

  15. xtian may tatanong ako sayo... email mo ko. check my blog for my email...

  16. can i join watching this (floor) show? hihihi...

    and foreplay is. the best self-oiling machine for a vajayjay. ;)

  17. Hahaha. Ang "hot" naman. Buti na lang alang nakita yung bata..

  18. Akala nyo lang si carol yun, pero hindi, hindi, hindi! LOLs.

    Straight exploits, hmmm; inspires me to write my own. But i disgress.

  19. @Ash oo naman Ash hehe

    and welcome back

  20. @Dagger Deeds haha mainit talaga sa Cebu

  21. @kuya xtian, salamat po.okay na ako

  22. Ito ang reason kung bakit natatakot akong mag-cross ang path namin nung (huli kong) ex-gf nung college.