Tuesday, November 24, 2009


“What happened to us?”

“Ikaw eh, ever since you got famous with what you do, you no longer have time with me.”

He’s sweet in his own little ways. He really takes time to know what makes me happy. He doesn’t want to be hugged but he hugs me all the time because I like it.

He loves music and would often sing along with his favorite tunes. He used to be afraid of videoke’s but still sing a song or two if I ask him to. Now he can carry a tune well.

He loves to cook for others. He would prepare the food and watch me while I eat. He would explain how one ingredient compliments the other. He would explain how it would be served. He would grin if he thinks that I love it.

“Dati kase lagi tayo magkasama.”

“But you said we depend on each other too much. That I have to meet other people too.”

He loves his coffee and cigarettes. It’s either latte or a mix of chocolate, mallows and lots of creamer. We often went to the rooftop and watch the stars while he finishes his coffee.

He loves photography. He took photos of himself, friends and me, but mostly of me, most of the time. Then he edits it and turns it into his masterpiece.

He loves reading books. He buys books all the time even if he ran out of money. He knows that I love books as well. We usually lie down on bed with his legs over mine as we race who’ll finished first. Sometimes he will read it aloud for us if we want to read the same book together.

“Diba, every night I when I am about to go home I’ll text you and ask you to accompany me eat dinner outside.”

“Sometimes it’s best to eat inside the pad.”

He loves movies and so do I. We would watch movies together at the theatre. Even if he doesn’t like the film he stills accompany me. Then we would play his DVD collections over and over again during idle nights.

He loves to stare at me in the morning. I would often catch him looking at me. Then he would smile and shows me the photo of me that he just took. He would then say, “Oily ng skin mo?” Then grin while I try to wipe my face.

He loves to teach. He would lend his time to those who wants to know something that he knows. He doesn’t teach me though hehe.

“We usually have Sunday for ourselves but I often catch you talking with someone on the phone.”

“You always talk about work anyway.”

He loves to browse the net. He could spend all day and night browsing the net, playing flash games on facebook, and adding friends on networking sites - including his exes.

He loves his family. I know, I met them already and I know how he takes care of them.

He loves me and a few others too.

“Malay mo you’ll meet someone else too. Go ahead. You might fall in love hangang itatago mo na din sa akin.”

“You’ll leave me na ba?”

”You know I will never do that.”


The Curious Cat

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  1. Bitter sweet post.

  2. no comment.

    but this post pierced.

  3. i'm enjoying your entries because they are candid and from the heart. it's just sad how life turns sometimes.

  4. Same with Dabo.

    Wala akong masasabing ganyang comparison and contrast with my exes.

  5. xtian is already reminiscing of the good times and i'm not sure if it's good.

  6. Oh no! please don't leave me...

    ok, just go ahead...

    which one?

  7. sad. this post bites.

  8. this is the essence of being alive..

  9. so sweet... but emotional.. can i give you a hug!


  10. Wow..
    Sakit sakit.. i know how you are feeling right now..