Tuesday, November 24, 2009


“Gising na maligo ka na. 6 am na.”

“Sakit ng ulo ko.”

I love him because he takes good care of me.

I love him because he makes me feel secured.

I love him because he makes me smile.

“If magkakaroon ka ng iba, pakilala mo sa akin ha. Para naman malaman ko na you’ll be in good hands.”

“Ano ka ba? Why do you have to talk like that?”

I love him because he’s smart, funny and outspoken. We often had friendly arguments over things that interest either one of us. We debate over simple things.

I love him because he’s strict. He always reminds me of things that I often forget. He guides me always. Spoon fed.

I love him because he thinks I’m cuter when I’m fat. He would then tickle me and then we wrestle until we stop when we ran out of breath.

“Nakahiga ka na naman diyan. Hindi ka pa nga naliligo eh. Didikit ang dumi ng katawan mo sa bed. Kaya tayo nagkakataghiyawat niyan.”

“Pagod ako. Pahinga lang ng konti. I’m here naman sa may paanan.”

I love him because he stays with me all day without anything to do and without anything to say. We could stay in bed all day and night just starring at each other and sometimes smiles at each other.

I love him because he makes me feel loved and with all the little things he does.

I love him just because.

“Close your eyes. Can you feel where in your face I’m pointing my finger to?”



The Curious Cat

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  1. kung kailangan mo ng kausap, alam mo na kung saan ako mako-contact

    hindi ka nag-iisa

  2. Wala dinurog mo na ako pre. Tinatanong ko na nga kay Maxwell paano ba ang feeling ng love. Heto't gumatong ka pa. Lolz.

  3. another sad entry.

    just let it all out bro. let it run its course.

    buzz ka lang.

  4. why do they say that - “If magkakaroon ka ng iba, pakilala mo sa akin ha. Para naman malaman ko na you’ll be in good hands.”? They think it helps?

    i'm assuming hindi si curious cat ang nagsabi.

  5. Rygel: So you won't be troubled thinking about your ex-partner while in the process of healing yourself from the breakup.

  6. @Rygel: For me it helped, knowing that there's someone to watch over him when we broke up. basta, mga linya ng martyr. hay...

    hugs for xtian!

  7. sipag natin magsulat ah. that's good. let it all out. we're always here for you.

  8. basta alam ko alam mo story ko. hehehe!

  9. So sad entry... pero kaya yan tol...

  10. Sad (*sob *sob).. i liked your entry so much i am following you in blogspot..

    Kaya mo yan..

  11. this is really sad. i hope u make it through this. don't dwell on the good things. of course, maganda sila pero don't turn a blind eye on the things that weren't as good din.