Friday, November 6, 2009


Lately, I choose to work overtime even if it's against my will. Even if the work is due next month. So I won't have to go home early. This is the only way I know, at least when I get home, you're already asleep. We don't need to quarrel over stupid things. I don't get to say things I'll regret later, same with you. At least, I see you calm and deep in slumber. At least when I sleep next to you, I could hug you and sleep soundly. It's the only escape I could think of right now, working my ass off.

When will this end, I don't know. I know in time, I have to face you again. Not now though, not now. What I know now is I need this distraction to save whatever left of us. You see, I love you this much.

I wish for a better tomorrow for us. I don't want to give us up even at times I already like to.


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  1. hmm, hindi solusyon ang pagtakas sa problema

    subalit tulad ng iyong binanggit, siguro hindi pa nga ito ang panahon.

    hangad ko na magkaayos kayo ng iyong mahal

  2. i really pray things will work out between the two of you. :)

  3. Hindi maaayos ang problema kung hindi mo haharapin.

    Talk. No name calling. Don't bring past issues. Give each other a chance to speak. Fall in love all over again. Tapos make up sex na. Haha.

  4. i tend to be quiet when i am angry or mad. it gives me time to think and like you say, forcing yourself not to say thing syou'll regret later...

    but eventually, a talk is needed. not only for your own sake but also for his sake and the life or relationship you are trying to build.

  5. thanks for dropping by. appreciate it.

  6. ay. parang mariah scarey na yata pag umaabot na ang point na nag-iiwasan na kayo ng interaction :(

  7. Kapag gusto mo lang ng kausap tol. Andito lang ako.

  8. Time apart might bring solutions.

  9. @ xtian: You're not alone in this. I've often observed that I - along with many other men, married hets, especially - spend more time at work whenever there are problems at home.

    There are certain merits to avoidance, especially if one of the parties isn't quite ready to tackle issues yet. Also, dialogue is a two-way street: if one of the parties is unwilling to listen, compromise, or accept some responsibility for whatever the issue is, the street becomes a dead-end.

    Then again, there's the rub. Maybe we avoid the issue because deep down we fear the only way out is the highway.

    Good luck. But I wouldn't recommend circling the cloverleaf for years on end. You'll run out of gas eventually and you'll find that your life has been stalled.

  10. like alcohol. its a convenient distraction. maybe a better company. but not an escape.

    @rudeboy - why the pun with married hets? haha

  11. @ ash : Haha, it wasn't a dig at you heheh. I already wrote about married colleagues and O.T. before, 'member?

  12. reach out bro. you two talking about it is way better than second guessing and running from it. sort things out. patch things up. lower your pride. tell him how much you love him. let him know how much you want it to work.

    sana maayos nyo bro. :)

  13. madaling tumakas sa job mo pero mauubos at mauubos ang trabaho. hope you guys fix this. haay.. what the world needs now is love (sweet love!)