Thursday, December 31, 2009


Goodbye 2009 and thank you for all the things you gave me this year. Thanks for a great job, a great profession, and all the opportunities you gave me. Thanks to a the people I met who inspired me and help me to become who I am, without them I would not be able to accomplish so many things that made me who I am. Thanks to all the people I have yet to meet who help me to be able to survive my rocky relationship. Thanks to all editors, writers, designers, photographers, artists, programmers, and models I’ve worked with who welcomed me and accepted me. Thanks to all the bloggers who reads and understands me, for giving pieces of advice, and becoming my friends in blogosphere. Thanks to my partner, for the love. Thanks to my family and friends for staying with me and continue believing in me. I thank God for everything, without Him I’What a year 2009 really is.

I welcome 2010 with open arms and hoping for the best. I’m looking forward for a better life, love and health. I’m looking forward to all the great opportunities it will offer me, to all of us actually. Wish us all the best and God bless us all for the year to come.

Happy New Year everyone!


Th Curious Cat

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These are the things that my patner hates about me:

I snore horribly loud. I guess he got used to it already but sill complains from time to time. Whenever I decided to have a sleep over in some friends’ house, he always reminds me not to sleep haha or else they might kick me out their houses in no time.

I grind my teeth when I sleep. Sigh. That’s why I use mouth guard every time I sleep to prevent my teeth from destroying each other hehe. Also to eliminate the eerie sound brought about by my grinding teeth.

Sometimes, I lie down to bed without taking a bath first. He hates that haha. Sometimes I arrived home so tired I just lie down just to relax a bit and when he found me there he would instantly get mad.

He hates my long hair in the morning haha. Often times he would find his face covered with my hair when he wakes up haha. He would wake me up and would start cursing lol.

He hates it when I answer him back when we fight. I am very patient and usually would do what he asks to prevent him from nagging at me not stop. There are times when I can’t hold my temper and would answer back. It’s usually just a phrase or two but I hurts every time. Even my bosses aren’t spared.

Often times we would snuggle and tickle each other when we don’t have anything else to do. He finds me too strong sometimes and would end up hurting him by just holding his wrists to prevent him from tickling me.

He hates my magazines. I collect comics and magazines and they already ate up a forth part of the pad hehe. He usually threatened me to burn all of them when I’m away.

He hates it when I refuse to let him suck my tongue when we kiss lol. Sometimes he sucks it too hard it hurts. Our tongue would end up playing habulan which I like lol.

He sometimes hates the way I text. Napaka direct daw kase minsan. This I don’t understand hehe.

He gets mad when I forget to refill the water. Well I admit, I’m guilty about this.

I also forget to sweep the floor haha and his dives him mad every time lol.

I love hugging big time. Kahi ang init init wala ako pakialam at ito naman madalas naming pag-awayan kase he ony hugs kung malamig ang panahon. He hates it when I hug him in the afternoon. Pero he hugs me always sa madaling araw naman.

He always checks my phone always which I don’t mind. But he hates it when I ask him to let me check his phone. Ewan ko dun siguro madami tinatago.

He hates it when I work out. It’s ok that I jog with him but gets mad when I lose weight. He would tease me that I’m fat but gets mad when I’m trying to lose weight.

Well so far those are the things that I could think of right now that he hates a lot about me.


The Curious Cat

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Thursday, December 24, 2009


I'm home here in the province now. It's so nice to be home after a year of spending time away from my family to work in there Manila.

After the plane landed I was greeted by the pilot and was given the chance to take photo of myself inside the control room. I ask him to have his photo taken with me, he declined because his wife might see the photo and might ask haha. He told me if ever he's still the one manning the plane the next time I fly back to Manila, I just have to ask the stewardess for him so he would let me see the view and feel what it's like when the plane lands.

He promised.

After I got my luggage I went outside and searched for kuya Tim* so we could go home aready. The entire trip went smoothly.

We went first to their house and I gave his son Php 500 as a Christmas gift because I haven't got the chance to get a present for him. Then I gave kuya Tim another Php 500 for fetching me and taking me home safely.

It was foggy and it stared to drizzle when I finally arrived. Kuya Tim called up my brothers and sister and then left after thanking me. My sister came first and hugge me and kissed me on the cheek. Then my 2 brothers did the same. I was so happy by their warm welcome. Overjoyed. I will have to wait for mom and my other brother and his family later in the afternoon though so we could greet each other. I was greeted by our kasambahays later as well.

There's no place like home indeed. I'm finally home.

Merry Christmas to you guys. Thanks a lot.


The Curious Cat

*Not real name to hide the identity of the person involved.
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I felt your warm body next to mine. Too close. I extended my arms and offered my embrace. You took my hand with yours and gently pressed it closer to your chest. You turned around and faced me. I open my eyes and smiled. You smiled back.

You were nibbling my already hardened nipple while your hard gently caressing me down there. I felt hard. I put my hand at your back, inside your shirt slowly and gently feeling your warmth as I took your shirt off.

Your tongue was slowly shifted from my nipple down to my fat tummy. Then you stopped as you pulled down my boxers to expose my manhood. You turned to look at me, smiled then I felt the warmth of your mount enveloping me. Up, down, up and down and back again. I moaned as you’re twisting your tongue, playing it nice, slow.

I held your head and slowly turned you around for me to see you entirely. The light coming from the transparent door was enough for me to see your beautiful face. I smiled. Then I reach for your right nipple and gently run my fingers on it as I begun to play the other one with my tongue. You moaned. I continued kissing and nibbling as I gently massaging the other.

I put my head next to your ear while I embrace you with my left hand. My feet took care of taking off your pants all the way. We’re both naked now.

“Ready ka na?,” I asked.

He wrapped his legs on my hips to say yes.

“Safe ka ba?,” I asked again.

“Siguro, hindi ako sure. It’s been six months. Kaw ba?,” he returned the question.

“Oo, sure ka ba?,” I inquired.

“Gusto ko kase wala para mas mararamdaman kita,” he answered.

I smiled. I started playing my tongue with his ears. He moaned hard. He tightened his legs on my hips. I slowly run my tongue down to his neck, slowly, zigzagging it’s way up and down. He moaned harder this time then embraced me harder.

“Stop,” he said.


We we’re still naked next to each other. My left arm holding his right. Both starring into the ceiling and beyond.

“I’m sorry,” I apologized.

“Bakit ganun na lang lagi. Last time ganun din. Mataba ba ako? Pangit ba ako?,” he asked.

“No you’re not. You know that,” I answered.

He turned to his left. I turned to him and hugged him tight.

“Ang tigas tigas mo kanina, bakit biglang nawala?,” he asked.

“Kala ko ayaw mo na. Sabi mo ‘stop’ kaya tinigil ko,” I answered.

“Nakikiliti na ako. Hindi ko na kase kaya,” he said. “Ganun din lagi ah. Six months pa naman na hinintay ko 'to para sa 'yo. Ayaw mo ba sa akin?,” he continued.

“Alam mo hindi totoo ‘yan. Hindi ko din ma-explain eh. Actually dalawa kayo. Hindi ko alam bakit pagdating sa inyo hindi ko magawa,” I tried to explain myself.

“Xtian naiinitan na ako,” he answered then stood up, put on his clothes and headed straight to the other bed adjacent to mine.

That night I was not able to sleep. So I put on my clothes and wrapped myself with the warm blanket and faced the wall so I could not see him on the other bed.

It was already morning and the sun is up when I noticed him lounged next to me and hugged me. He started kissing my neck and he was rough. It was the first time I saw him like that. He grabbed me by my crotch and pulled my boxers down. I felt excited and hard. So hard. Then he sat unto me and started to thrust me into him. He was moving fast.

“Knock knock knock.”

Someone’s knocking on our door. So we hurriedly put on our clothes. I wrapped myself with blanket and pretend I was sleeping while he opened the door as if nothing happened.

“Good morning!,” shouted Mickey*. “Uy tulog pa tong isang to? Malalate na tayo ah. Alas otso na,” Mickey added as he put the bread to our table.

I pretended that I was awaken by his voice and stretched before I stood up.

“May tinapay, mango jam at cheese dito Xtian. Kumain na kayo at late na tayo,” Mickey repeated.

“Kumain ka na para maka-alis na tayo,” Dan* added pretending too that nothing happened between us.


Ewan ko hindi ko din ma-explain talaga bakit pagdating kay Dan bigla na lang nawawalan ako ng gana in the middle ng encounter. He looks good and sobrang bait pa. Ideal nga siya na maging partner eh. We used to date 5 years ago pero naging complicated yung situation naming kaya we didn’t end up together.

It took us years to be in speeking terms with each other kase I choose to go away. It took a letter from him for me to finally agree to meet up with him again. Siguro kase nagttxt siya na magsex daw kami ulit which I can no longer do kase I already have someone else with me.

The first time we did it, hindi successful kase virgin pa siya at sobrang sakit daw. The second time when I bid him goodbye. Then the last yung na kwento ko sa taas. Siguro we’re not meant to be lovers, hanggang friends lang siguro kami. Kase lagi naman hindi natutuloy.

I really don’t know. Bahala na. I’m sure hindi naman siya mawawala sa akin kase mahal naman ako ng taong ‘yun and I feel something for him din naman hindi nga lang ako sure kung ano ‘yun pero I do.


The Curious Cat

*Not real names to hide true identities of the people involved.
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Thursday, December 17, 2009


I was invited to watch the premier night of James Cameron's Avatar yesterday. Before going to the venue I went to Trinoma first to withdraw money to pay for my phone bill. The queue to BDO's atm was long so it took me awhile. I'm a bit sad because we didn't receive our salary again so I have no other choice but to use my savings. After withdrawing I went to SUN shop in Trinoma but it was already closed because they're having their Christmas party. I noticed two women went out from their shop so I asked them where the nearest SUN shop aside from this branch is. I was told to go to SM North annex so I went there.

I passed by IMAX theatre and people were already going inside its lobby for the cocktails. So I hurriedly walked towards SM North annex to pay for my phone. While on the queue, I received a text from a friend asking me if there's a SUN shop in SM annex. I told him to text me his details so I could pay his bill and pay me when we meet later on at IMAX.

After paying I went to IMAX and look for my friend who invited me to watch Avatar. I asked for two tickets to give to a friend who I also invited. I actually invited another friend to watch the movie with me since he did not confirm I ask this friend instead. Even though we are best of friends I rarely meet or invite him going out on a weekdays because he lives in Cavite and going to Manila during weekdays would be too hassle and hard for him due to the heavy traffic in Coastal Area.

Then one by one familiar faces arrived, mostly colleagues from media and from my free lance job. It was actually a mini reunion. My editor was there, friends from arts, showbiz and fashion, and more. By 7:30pm people were lining up and entering the theatre. We're asked to leave our mobile phones and laptops at the counter to prevent pirates from recording the movie.

By 7:45pm my friend was still in Taft so I asked him to ride MRT instead. I told him to give his name to the guard and tell the guard that he's with me so he could enter the theatre. I already wrote his name on the ticket for him to enter the theatre later on before I deposited my mobile phones and laptop and went inside the theatre with my editor and his friend.

Inside we saw another friend from afar so we called him to have a seat next to us. Then the movie started and my friend wasn't there yet. I put on my 3D glasses and seated comfortably to watch the flick.

The movie was so good. I really loved it. I enjoyed it a lot. James Cameron created another world, so much different from us and so surreal. The alien planet was so colorful, full of exotic life forms and mysteries unknown to us.

I also like the characters not to mention the lead is so hot even though he's on a wheelchair. I really didn't notice him that much in Terminator Salvation but in this film, of f*ck, he's hot. I don't know, even though you just see his face most of the time but there something about him. You see him with his long unruly hair 'til he almost went bald and then curly. Him talking on a camera recording his daily activities, his eyes (his dreamy eyes haha) as if he's looking directly at me (it must be the 3D trick haha). You'll like his Avatar too. Sigh enough already.

It was a very long movie but I didn't feel like it was that long (about 3 hours I think). There were no dragging scenes. The movie started with him joining the project to replace his twin brother who died recently. He was an ex-Marine that will become an Avatar, a human mind on an alien body. He will be using his twin's Avatar because it will only work to humans with the same genetic structure with the original human. Even though he's crippled it will not affect the alien body (which wasn't crippled) so they hired him instead of just throwing the alien body away.

Since he was an ex-Marine he was given a secret mission by the Marine group to explore the locals. Gain the locals trust and feed the Marine any information he gets from them. In exchange, if he will be successful, the Marines will reward him to be able to walk with his own two feet again.

During one of the exploration an incident happens leaving him all alone in the forest of the alien planet. Then he meets with one of the locals and later on captured by the rest of them. The alien tribe decided to show him their ways and train him a warrior since he was the first warrior (non-scientist) Avatar. Then he finds himself torn between two worlds, to fight for his own survival and that of the aboriginal people.

I don't want to be a spoiler but I am encouraging you to watch it. It will be worth it. We all had so much fun and in awe. Everyone clapped when the credits started rolling.

We went outside and saw my friend. He was 30 minutes late but was able to catch up. We went to Araneta Center to eat. My friend was actually drunk and only had 2 hours of sleep so he's having headache. He said he's still ok and in fact he'll be meeting someone later on for a boom boom pow. My head hurts a bit too due to the 3D effects, it strained my eyes. He accompanied me until I was able to ride a jeepney going home.

I noticed that I had a text message when I checked my phone. It said, " Grabe yng miting mu ha 10hrs na."

"Pauwi na. Sakit ng mata ko," I replied.

"Grabe nkkasakt pa mata miting," he texted back.

"Oo naman kse pumunta p kami s avatar," I replied again.

"Ava at nanuod p muvi…lbas aq maya wla drnks kht wter at bli q yosi," he texted again.

I didn't reply because I was already inside the house. I went to our room and told him that it was a premier night.

"Sus nasa labas ka na nga hindi ka pa bumili ng drinks. Tinext na nga kita wala drinks," he scolded me.

"Nasa bahay na kaya ako nung natangap ko text mo. Tsaka kanina ka pa ditto hindi ka pa bumili, inantay mo pa talaga ako eh 1am na," I answered back.

Natahimik siya, nakakita ako ng ensymada at cinnamon rolls sa bed. Kumuha ako ng isa at kumain. Ayun na-uhaw ako. Pero deadma, then sabay pumunta ng banyo para maligo. After taking the batch he was still there and didn't go out to buy water or soft drinks or anything to drink. So I just went to bed after putting on some clothes. He stood up and went outside. Probably to buy drinks. When he came back he didn't buy any drinks, yosi lang binili niya. Ayun papamatigasan pala eto so natulog na lang ako.

Araw araw na lang ba ganito. Ewan, bahala na at least nag enjoy ako sa Avatar at baka mapapanaginipan ko pa 'yung bida hehe.


The Curious Cat

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


This is what I feel these past two months, still does:

By Sara Bareilles

Something always brings me back to you.
It never takes too long.
No matter what I say or do, I still feel you here 'till the moment I'm gone.

You hold me without touch.
You keep me without chains.
I never wanted anything so much than to drown in your love and not feel your rain.

Set me free, leave me be. I don't want to fall another moment into your gravity.
Here I am and I stand so tall, just the way I'm supposed to be.
But you're on to me and all over me.

You loved me 'cause I'm fragile.
When I thought that I was strong.
But you touch me for a little while and all my fragile strength is gone.

Set me free, leave me be. I don't want to fall another moment into your gravity.
Here I am and I stand so tall, just the way I'm supposed to be.
But you're on to me and all over me.

I live here on my knees as I
Try to make you see that you're
Everything I think I need here on the ground.

But you're neither friend nor foe though I
Can't seem to let you go.
The one thing that I still know is that you're keeping me down
You're keeping me down, yeah, yeah, yeah

You're onto me, onto me and all over
Something always brings me back to you
It never takes too long


The Curious Cat

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Monday, December 7, 2009


Last Friday, the tailor was not able to finish my tux in time so I had to go to several places in the metro to pull-out for the clothes I had to wear the next day. Then I had to buy new belt, 2 pairs of leather shoes (I can’t decide which one to buy so I bought two), socks etc. Luckily for me a friend accompanied me because his work location is just near to where I shopped.

After the pull-out, while waiting for a jeepney to take us to the nearest MRT station, my friend ask me what’s wrong with me. I said nothing’s wrong but he didn’t buy it. So for the first time I told him everything. This was really a revelation to him and a liberating experience on my side. He also notice the exchanged messages Mon* and I had on our status in Facebook about rants and “It’s over” shout outs.

“Do you remember five years ago when I suddenly bid goodbye the last time we had sex? It was actually uneventful because I was not able to perform like I used to. It was hard for me to do that but I had to. You were confused then and the next day I disappeared just like that,” I reminded him.

“Yes I remember that, it was all in the past. It’s no big deal now. At least we’re still friends,” Joey* replied with a weary smile.

“I’m sorry. The thing is, when we were still dating we knew that we’re also dating other people. It’s not exclusive for us, right? I met someone whom I fell in love with. We’ve been living together ever since,” I continued while faking a smile. It was hard to tell him all that.

“But you said, you still can’t decide because you had a girlfriend. That you love her,” he reminded me. He was puzzled. “I thought that you disappeared because of her. Five years? Tagal na noon ah.”

“Well it’s true, pinagsabay ko sila – for a while. Then I get lost sa kanya and sobra ko na siya minahal. Noong nakilala mo ako alam mo na I’m confused kung ano talaga gusto ko. Kahit ako, alam ko mahal ko yung partner ko pero hindi ko matangap na nagmahal ako sa kapwa ko. Kaya tinago ko relationship namin sayo at kay Mon kase hindi ko matangap ang sarili ko,” I told him while staring into nothing.

“Ganun ka pa din. Like before, still confused. Matagal na ‘yun, napatawad na kita. I wrote you a letter pa nga d ba? Nageexplain ako sa side ko baka kase ako ang dahilan ng paglayo mo. Now I understand, it’s you all along,” Joey smiled gently.

“Oo nga, tapos you we’re asking na magkita tayo na pagbigyan kita na matulog ako sa place mo. Na mag-sex ulit tayo pero lagi ako gumagawa ng dahilan para hindi mangyari ‘yun d ba? Hehe,” I gave a laugh.

“Oo nga. So bakit ka malungkot? Dba dapat masaya ka kase maglilimang taon na pala kayo,” he inquired more.

“May iba na kase siya. Masakit pala ano. Kala ko ganun lang ‘yun. Hindi ko pala kaya na may kahati,” I replied his inquiry.

“Ganun ba. Pero may girlfriend ka din noon ah noong naging kayo,” he reminded me.

“Oo nga pero hiniwalayan ko din yun para sa kanya. Naalala ko pa nga dati na asar na asar siya sa isang kaofficemate ko na babae na dati ko ka-MU pagtumatawag ng madaling araw para makipagkita sa akin. Pero alam mo binigay ko sa kanya lahat,” I answered him trying to held back the tears that were starting to form.

“Kaya ako naniniwala ako sa karma. Alam mo ba noong hiniwalayan ako ni Mar* dahil sa iba? Ayun hindi sila nagtagal at nagkaroon din ng iba pala agad ‘yung ipinalit sa akin. At ang malupit noon, ang ipinalit sa kanya ‘yung housemate pa ni Rage* (bestfriend ni Joey). Kaya ayun noong nagkausap kami ulit ni Mar, humihinga siya ulit ng tawad pero hindi na maibabalik ang dati,” he smiled sadly as he narrated what happened to him and Mar.

“Kaya nga e, ganun talaga siguro. Uy late na. Ano inuman na lang tayo. Tawagan mo si Rage para sabay tayo. Iuwi ko lang ‘tong mga dala ko then kita tayo sa Timog,” I suggested.

Joey dialed Rage number and we all agreed to meet in Timog by 1 am.

By 1 am, I met Joey, Rage and one of their friend (Kiko* who happened to be broken hearted as well) in Kamias where 7-11 used to operate. We took the jeep going to Timog and went to a bar somewhere in Timog.

While drinking I opened up to Rage and Kiko. Kiko also told me what happened to him. Kiko caught his partner with another guy in their own bed. I can’t imagine what he must have felt that fateful day. I can only sympathize with him.

Then I told them that if I had to be in a relationship I had to make sure na bottom na siya. Neither versa nor top, because he might look for someone para siya naman maka-bottom dba. They we’re laughing but I was serious.

I also told Joey that before I bid him goodbye, Mon and I met to discuss. Mon asked me na huwag “sagutin” si Joey because he still felt something for him. That he still gets jealous every time Joey and I went on a date. Since I’m starting to fell for my partner, I agreed.

“Ganun ba ‘yun? Talaga sinabi ni Mon ‘yun?,” Joey wants reassurance. When I nodded, “Mon talaga,” he added.

“So the two of you used to date pala? Kaya pala hindi mo siya mabitawan,” Rage teased Joey while looking at me.

He teased Joey because Joey’s former lover (Mon) was the ex of Rage current partner (Mickey). Joey met Rage because of Mickey. Mickey was asked then by Mon to look after Joey when he left the Philippines for work abroad. Then Joey and Rage became best of friends.

What Joey, Mon and Rage didn’t know was niligawan ako before ni Mickey. I used to date na magkasabay sina Joey and Mickey. Mon even wants to have sex with me kase Joey told him na I was special at may natatanging tinatagong surprise lol. Joey didn’t know I was dating him while I’m dating Mickey kase that time hindi pa sila magkilala dalawa. Nakilala ko si Mickey because of Mon, kase si Mickey ay kapatid ng best friend ng partner ni Mon that time. I dumped Mickey and Joey for my partner before naging si Mickey and Mon. Nagkagalit pa nga one time si Mickey at kapatid niya kase siya ang ipinalit ni Mon sa best friend niya. Then nagkaroon ng partner si Joey (Mar) noong naging si Mickey na at si Mon. Then dinumped ni Mon si Mickey kaya naging si Mickey na at si Rage. Mon wanted Joey back pero hindi na maiwanan ni Joey si Mar kase kawawa daw at mahal na mahal siya. Only to find out na ipinagpalit nga si Joey ni Mar sa iba. At yung iba ni Mar ay iniwan siya para sa housemate naman ni Rage. Hala. Haay complicated.

Ganun talaga ako ka secretive. Kaya nga nung bumalik si Mon para magvacation dito at nag meet kami sa Library laki gulat ni Mickey at nandun ako para magpakita muli. Bale ako, si Mon, Joey, Mickey and Rage were there. Doon lang din nalaman ni Rage na naging si Mon pala at si Mickey. Doon ko lang din na meet si Rage. Paglabas naming ng Library noong bumibili ng kikiam sila Mon, Joey at Rage sa may Crobar lumapit sa akin si Mickey para mangumusta haha. Muntik na daw niya ako hindi makilala kase mataba na daw ako haha bitter lang siya. Pero na-miss daw niya ako. Sa totoo na miss ko naman talaga si Joey, Mon at Mickey, kaya nga pumunta ako at nagpakalate para may grand entrance lol.

By 4am we went outside and roam around the area para magpalipas ng oras. Joey was teasing Kiko that he be gentle with him later. By 5am we decided to go home because I still have a wedding to attend to and I had to wake up by 9am to prepare.

I went home that day somehow a bit happy. I think some luggage that I’ve been carrying for the past 5 years had been lifted off me. To be able to share some things that had been bothering me was really a new experience for me. Wala lang sarap lang sa pakiramdam. Nakatulog ako ng mahimbing kahit 3 hours lang.


The Curious Cat

*Not real names to hinde true identity of people involved.
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Thursday, December 3, 2009


Yesterday was another typical day in the office. As usual, lots of scripts to finish and reports to generate. I’m still having issues with 5 other modules because I had no idea or whatsoever about it when it was turned over to me. It was a long uneventful day.

My phone rang about 3pm yesterday, I checked who was calling and found out it was Aries*, a friend whom I haven’t seen in 2 months.

“Musta?,” I asked as I answered the phone.

“Ok naman ako. Uy punta ka sa show mamaya sa the Fort ha,” Aries invited.

“May meeting pa ako at pupunta pa sa ****** after, baka mga 9pm pa ako free,” I told him while grinning.

“Ano ka ba? The show won’t start ‘til 9pm,” he informed me.

“Hehe oo na pupunta na ako. Text kita when I’m there na,” I agreed.

Kaya ayun by 9pm sharp, I was at the place. My name was not on the guest list as expected pero pinapasok naman ako sa party kase kilala naman din nila ako.

Ayun I was there early. Mga 20 pa lang yata ang tao. I greeted and wished the one who organized the show good luck. Then we started drinking agad.

Then dumami na ang tao at napadami na naman inom ko hehe. Madami famous sa party last night. Then kuhaan ng photo, buti na lang dalawa camera dala ni Phunkie* kaya ako gumamit nung isa hehe and I’m sure na tag na naman ako sa facebook ngayon, e ayaw ko pa naman ma tag kase ang taba taba ko ngayon. Tipsy na ako by 12 midnight so by 12:45 am nagpaalam na ako para umuwi kase may pasok pa the next day.

Mura lang ang binayaran ko sa taxi than the usual. Then ayun nadatnan ko naglalaro ng fish tank sa facebook yung isa sa pad. Naghanda ako ng noodles then went to shower. Sinita niya ako sa kalasingan ko pero d ko na pinansin. Then tulog na agad after pagkakain ng noodles.

Nagising ako ng walang hang over hehe. Pero ito masaya. Kanina papunta ako ng second floor para bumili ng sandwich nang napansin ko na papunta si crush sa building namin. Instead of going straight sa tindahan tiningnan ko siya sa may balcony, pero hindi niya ako makikita hanggang hindi siya makapasok sa building namin. Nung pumasok siya napatingin siya sa taas at nakita ako. Hindi pa din ako umalis kase inaantay ko siya na dumaan sa likuran ko. Then ayun na nga dumaan siya at binati niya ako haha.

“Uy Sir,” he greeted me.

“Napadaan ka sa building naming Sir ah,” I inquired.

“Oo nga Sir, may tatapusin lang na issue,” he answered.

“Ah hehe,” napa-smile ako at nag smile din siya.

Ayun I am inspired today. Gwapo pa rin niya, maputi pa din at nandun pa din yung suplado look niya na I like hehe (at very much married pa din). Ang sarap lang magtrabaho lol.


The Curious Cat

*Not real names to hide true identity.
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Enough drama for the mean time. I need a break. It's a good thing I was invited to two weddings and one beach party over the weekend and the next. I badly need to get away for a moment.

Sorry for the drama. It (romantic life, or so I thought) was not meant to be shared here in blogosphere but I have no where else to let it all out. After all, I decided to open up this blog so I have a venue to share what I've been keeping all my life from the rest of the world.

Life is full of drama (and sh*ts too). It's hard to have friends who don't know this side of me. It's hard not to have friends who knows this side of me. To carry all these feelings and no one there whom I can trust to listen to me. But it's harder when you can't even share what you feel to your partner.

I hope when December ends, I'll leave all the drama behind. I'm (so) looking forward for the year to come. More work, more friends, and most specially more adventures to trigger the curios cat in me.


The Curious Cat

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


We had a conversation last night. Instead of making things clear, it made me all confuse.

A lot of things we'd discussed but I can't share it here yet.

I'm still hurting and he keeps on denying.

Still thinking so hard. So hard it bleeds.

For the first time I cried. I cried myself to sleep last night.


The Curious Cat

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