Thursday, December 17, 2009


I was invited to watch the premier night of James Cameron's Avatar yesterday. Before going to the venue I went to Trinoma first to withdraw money to pay for my phone bill. The queue to BDO's atm was long so it took me awhile. I'm a bit sad because we didn't receive our salary again so I have no other choice but to use my savings. After withdrawing I went to SUN shop in Trinoma but it was already closed because they're having their Christmas party. I noticed two women went out from their shop so I asked them where the nearest SUN shop aside from this branch is. I was told to go to SM North annex so I went there.

I passed by IMAX theatre and people were already going inside its lobby for the cocktails. So I hurriedly walked towards SM North annex to pay for my phone. While on the queue, I received a text from a friend asking me if there's a SUN shop in SM annex. I told him to text me his details so I could pay his bill and pay me when we meet later on at IMAX.

After paying I went to IMAX and look for my friend who invited me to watch Avatar. I asked for two tickets to give to a friend who I also invited. I actually invited another friend to watch the movie with me since he did not confirm I ask this friend instead. Even though we are best of friends I rarely meet or invite him going out on a weekdays because he lives in Cavite and going to Manila during weekdays would be too hassle and hard for him due to the heavy traffic in Coastal Area.

Then one by one familiar faces arrived, mostly colleagues from media and from my free lance job. It was actually a mini reunion. My editor was there, friends from arts, showbiz and fashion, and more. By 7:30pm people were lining up and entering the theatre. We're asked to leave our mobile phones and laptops at the counter to prevent pirates from recording the movie.

By 7:45pm my friend was still in Taft so I asked him to ride MRT instead. I told him to give his name to the guard and tell the guard that he's with me so he could enter the theatre. I already wrote his name on the ticket for him to enter the theatre later on before I deposited my mobile phones and laptop and went inside the theatre with my editor and his friend.

Inside we saw another friend from afar so we called him to have a seat next to us. Then the movie started and my friend wasn't there yet. I put on my 3D glasses and seated comfortably to watch the flick.

The movie was so good. I really loved it. I enjoyed it a lot. James Cameron created another world, so much different from us and so surreal. The alien planet was so colorful, full of exotic life forms and mysteries unknown to us.

I also like the characters not to mention the lead is so hot even though he's on a wheelchair. I really didn't notice him that much in Terminator Salvation but in this film, of f*ck, he's hot. I don't know, even though you just see his face most of the time but there something about him. You see him with his long unruly hair 'til he almost went bald and then curly. Him talking on a camera recording his daily activities, his eyes (his dreamy eyes haha) as if he's looking directly at me (it must be the 3D trick haha). You'll like his Avatar too. Sigh enough already.

It was a very long movie but I didn't feel like it was that long (about 3 hours I think). There were no dragging scenes. The movie started with him joining the project to replace his twin brother who died recently. He was an ex-Marine that will become an Avatar, a human mind on an alien body. He will be using his twin's Avatar because it will only work to humans with the same genetic structure with the original human. Even though he's crippled it will not affect the alien body (which wasn't crippled) so they hired him instead of just throwing the alien body away.

Since he was an ex-Marine he was given a secret mission by the Marine group to explore the locals. Gain the locals trust and feed the Marine any information he gets from them. In exchange, if he will be successful, the Marines will reward him to be able to walk with his own two feet again.

During one of the exploration an incident happens leaving him all alone in the forest of the alien planet. Then he meets with one of the locals and later on captured by the rest of them. The alien tribe decided to show him their ways and train him a warrior since he was the first warrior (non-scientist) Avatar. Then he finds himself torn between two worlds, to fight for his own survival and that of the aboriginal people.

I don't want to be a spoiler but I am encouraging you to watch it. It will be worth it. We all had so much fun and in awe. Everyone clapped when the credits started rolling.

We went outside and saw my friend. He was 30 minutes late but was able to catch up. We went to Araneta Center to eat. My friend was actually drunk and only had 2 hours of sleep so he's having headache. He said he's still ok and in fact he'll be meeting someone later on for a boom boom pow. My head hurts a bit too due to the 3D effects, it strained my eyes. He accompanied me until I was able to ride a jeepney going home.

I noticed that I had a text message when I checked my phone. It said, " Grabe yng miting mu ha 10hrs na."

"Pauwi na. Sakit ng mata ko," I replied.

"Grabe nkkasakt pa mata miting," he texted back.

"Oo naman kse pumunta p kami s avatar," I replied again.

"Ava at nanuod p muvi…lbas aq maya wla drnks kht wter at bli q yosi," he texted again.

I didn't reply because I was already inside the house. I went to our room and told him that it was a premier night.

"Sus nasa labas ka na nga hindi ka pa bumili ng drinks. Tinext na nga kita wala drinks," he scolded me.

"Nasa bahay na kaya ako nung natangap ko text mo. Tsaka kanina ka pa ditto hindi ka pa bumili, inantay mo pa talaga ako eh 1am na," I answered back.

Natahimik siya, nakakita ako ng ensymada at cinnamon rolls sa bed. Kumuha ako ng isa at kumain. Ayun na-uhaw ako. Pero deadma, then sabay pumunta ng banyo para maligo. After taking the batch he was still there and didn't go out to buy water or soft drinks or anything to drink. So I just went to bed after putting on some clothes. He stood up and went outside. Probably to buy drinks. When he came back he didn't buy any drinks, yosi lang binili niya. Ayun papamatigasan pala eto so natulog na lang ako.

Araw araw na lang ba ganito. Ewan, bahala na at least nag enjoy ako sa Avatar at baka mapapanaginipan ko pa 'yung bida hehe.


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  1. I endured years of suffering dude. Look at me now, my views on romance is very much distorted. Hope you won't suffer the same fate.

    Btw, glad you enjoyed the movie. :)

  2. @Galen sana nga pre, oo sobrang ganda panoorin mo ha

  3. @Engel panoorin mo pre, hindi ka magsisisi, promise hehe

  4. shet, maganda ba?

    4 years ko 'to hinintay ang movie na itu! pero ayaw ko makipagsabayan manood ng maraming tao. =)

  5. @Bonsaist oo maganada, panoorin mo ha

    buti na lang premier night ako nanood wala pila at may food pa hehe

  6. ay ako din gusto kong mapanood yan! (paging...paging...hehe)

  7. @colorblind manood ka showing na nagyon lol

  8. hindi ko binasa fully ang entry at andaming spoiler!!! haha.

    andami kong namiss sa blog mo, magback read muna ako.


    sayang, hindi ako nanuod nuong premier night kasi tinamad ako

  10. @Prince_Cloud wala spoiler to haha

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  12. @Antero's panoorin mo na lang maganda

  13. Then seeing this movie on 3D is worth it?

  14. Hindi ko alam kung kailan ang showing nyan dito sa "Lah Land".

    Sa dulong part nung entry... /tungo sabay iling

    KAMPAY pa rin!

  15. @m2mtripper haha magantay ka na lang lol

  16. Napanood ko na last night pero hindi 3D kasi yung mga sinehan na may 3D 3 days nang fully booked. Eh di na ako makapaghintay.


    I love it!


  17. indeed... the movie was like a beautiful dream....

  18. @m3mtripper haha I knew you're going to love it

  19. ayan, binasa ko na tong post na to kasi napanood ko na, hehehe.

    the movie's nice. what do you expect? it's james cameron.

    bro, about sa pinagusapan natin recently, again, i know you already know what to do. sana lang marealize mo na you have to, eventually, before it goes downhill spiral from here.