Thursday, December 24, 2009


I'm home here in the province now. It's so nice to be home after a year of spending time away from my family to work in there Manila.

After the plane landed I was greeted by the pilot and was given the chance to take photo of myself inside the control room. I ask him to have his photo taken with me, he declined because his wife might see the photo and might ask haha. He told me if ever he's still the one manning the plane the next time I fly back to Manila, I just have to ask the stewardess for him so he would let me see the view and feel what it's like when the plane lands.

He promised.

After I got my luggage I went outside and searched for kuya Tim* so we could go home aready. The entire trip went smoothly.

We went first to their house and I gave his son Php 500 as a Christmas gift because I haven't got the chance to get a present for him. Then I gave kuya Tim another Php 500 for fetching me and taking me home safely.

It was foggy and it stared to drizzle when I finally arrived. Kuya Tim called up my brothers and sister and then left after thanking me. My sister came first and hugge me and kissed me on the cheek. Then my 2 brothers did the same. I was so happy by their warm welcome. Overjoyed. I will have to wait for mom and my other brother and his family later in the afternoon though so we could greet each other. I was greeted by our kasambahays later as well.

There's no place like home indeed. I'm finally home.

Merry Christmas to you guys. Thanks a lot.


The Curious Cat

*Not real name to hide the identity of the person involved.
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  1. ay.

    piloto. mile high club itu!


    merry x-mas xtian!!!

  2. @Ternie oo haha dko inexpect, dati pa siya airforce haha

  3. @rudeboy I'll definitely have a great one, you too pre

  4. have a happy happy holidays, aking kuya!

  5. Merry Christmas, Xtian! Mwah! :)

  6. maligayang pasko sa iyo pati na sa iyong pamilya. Let Christ be the reason over this season!

  7. Merry Christmas, Xtian!
    Enjoy the festivities and celebrate the season with the people who matter. =)

    Pasalubong!!! Haha.

  8. @Citybuoy Merry Christmas din sayo

  9. @Jin Merry Christmas din. Yup ganun na nga :)

  10. @Mak haha Merry Christmas din, try ko magdala :)

  11. merry christmas xtian!

  12. Enjoy your vacation.

    Kamusta naman ang buhok na bagong spa?



  13. cheers curious cat!!

    ewik and i were talking about you last time. hope to meet you this coming year.

  14. haha, thanks for dropping by, buddy. i see you're friends with my friends on cyberspace. napadaan ka siguro.

    anyhow, nice blog u have here. do u have facebook or something? ^_^

  15. Season's greetings to you and your family. May the holidays bring fresh memories for you to keep and cherish once you return to the anarchy of the urban consciousness. May the feasts you partake in be opportunities to reconnect with the family sorely missed, and the friends anticipating your return.

    In spite of the debauched absurdity of the (soon to be) past year, let us discover the best in the humblest of things. The devil, they say, is in the details. I reckon that the Divine exists in the distilled.

    Happy Holidays thecuriouscat/ xtian1978ii !!

  16. @m2mtripper haha at kailangan pa talaga special mention ang buhok. I will. :)

  17. @dabo thanks naman sa oras, flattered naman ako. see you when i see you.

  18. @isipipis malamang hehe. tnx for visiting as well

  19. @red the mood thanks buddy, MHappy Holidays to you too