Thursday, December 31, 2009


These are the things that my patner hates about me:

I snore horribly loud. I guess he got used to it already but sill complains from time to time. Whenever I decided to have a sleep over in some friends’ house, he always reminds me not to sleep haha or else they might kick me out their houses in no time.

I grind my teeth when I sleep. Sigh. That’s why I use mouth guard every time I sleep to prevent my teeth from destroying each other hehe. Also to eliminate the eerie sound brought about by my grinding teeth.

Sometimes, I lie down to bed without taking a bath first. He hates that haha. Sometimes I arrived home so tired I just lie down just to relax a bit and when he found me there he would instantly get mad.

He hates my long hair in the morning haha. Often times he would find his face covered with my hair when he wakes up haha. He would wake me up and would start cursing lol.

He hates it when I answer him back when we fight. I am very patient and usually would do what he asks to prevent him from nagging at me not stop. There are times when I can’t hold my temper and would answer back. It’s usually just a phrase or two but I hurts every time. Even my bosses aren’t spared.

Often times we would snuggle and tickle each other when we don’t have anything else to do. He finds me too strong sometimes and would end up hurting him by just holding his wrists to prevent him from tickling me.

He hates my magazines. I collect comics and magazines and they already ate up a forth part of the pad hehe. He usually threatened me to burn all of them when I’m away.

He hates it when I refuse to let him suck my tongue when we kiss lol. Sometimes he sucks it too hard it hurts. Our tongue would end up playing habulan which I like lol.

He sometimes hates the way I text. Napaka direct daw kase minsan. This I don’t understand hehe.

He gets mad when I forget to refill the water. Well I admit, I’m guilty about this.

I also forget to sweep the floor haha and his dives him mad every time lol.

I love hugging big time. Kahi ang init init wala ako pakialam at ito naman madalas naming pag-awayan kase he ony hugs kung malamig ang panahon. He hates it when I hug him in the afternoon. Pero he hugs me always sa madaling araw naman.

He always checks my phone always which I don’t mind. But he hates it when I ask him to let me check his phone. Ewan ko dun siguro madami tinatago.

He hates it when I work out. It’s ok that I jog with him but gets mad when I lose weight. He would tease me that I’m fat but gets mad when I’m trying to lose weight.

Well so far those are the things that I could think of right now that he hates a lot about me.


The Curious Cat

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  1. curious about the tongue portion. hehehe.

    as th epopular saying says

    the more you hate the more you love

    happy new year

  2. @Prince_Cloud haha TMI na nga eto, sana nga ganun

    Happy New Year din sayo :)

  3. Is your lover a Virgo, by any chance?

  4. Sad. I didn't get to find out what my ex hates about me.

    Only that, I micromanaged his life most of the time.

    Happy New Year Mister T.

  5. no comment.

    happy new year na lang!!!

  6. and a happy new yea to you, xtian.

    may it bring a happier time to you :)

  7. @J ganun talaga, vocal kase kami sa isa't isa ng mga hates/dislikes namin

  8. @Engel haha happy new year din sayo

  9. @Ternie thanks, same to you. happy new year pre

  10. @kuya xtian!!!namiss kita..ngayon ka lang ulit napadalaw..kuya, i cant help but comment, your body is so delicious...parang jake cuenca!hugs

    anyway, sa kabila ng mga isinulat mo, i still love you kasi kuya kita...happy new year po..if by any chance, baka magtext ka po, pakilala na lang po kayo ha?god bless

  11. keep on hugging kahit mainit. people need more hugs these days!
    happy new year xtian!

  12. @Darc haha uu naman, Happy New Year din :)

  13. Ako naman i usually sleep talk. Well in fact most of the time. But it's not a problem, we both held our conversations while sleeping cause he's a sleep talker too hehe :)

    Happy new year!

  14. @Chuckie hehe sometimes I also sleep talk and he finds it amusing :D Happy new year to you too

  15. that last thing though... why would anyone not like a hot bod? unless... oh well hehe

  16. @Rygel sabi niya para wala na daw tumingin na iba lol

  17. love is finding beauty in your parter's flaws. nahirapan ako idigest yung post na to. parang ang sakit kasi.