Friday, January 15, 2010


I was perfectly fine before I met you.
Life became greater when I met you.

Time flies so fast and we are happy.
Or so I thought that we were happy.

Things do change and so do we.
Drifting far apart, are we?

You have someone else aside from me.
I never thought you could do this to me.

I question myself where I did wrong.
Now I felt everything else was wrong.

I can no longer take it so I shut myself off.
You keep on denying I want to take off.

Now I'm here trying to be strong.
I can do this I used to be strong.

Am I ready to take the path once more?
But I am afraid to take another step more.

I'd better leave while I'm still in love.
I'd want to go when there's still left for me to love.

There'll be no other choice but to be free.
Silently I'm begging, please set me free.

I'll take it no matter how hard it will be.
I know I'll survive if you let me be.


The Curious Cat

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  1. is this it xtian? i'm hoping for the best for you.

  2. It will happen. The process slow and often painful, but you'll see. Just as quickly as he came into the picture will the epiphany be that 'you're better off.'

  3. kanta ni beyonce na irreplaceable lang katapat nya. don't be afraid.

    you'll survive, you've been surviving long before. wag ka matakot mawalan

  4. akala ko binura mo na blog mo. sabi kanina blog not found. tapos last post na na-publish adieu. buti naman at andito pa to. otherwise, mawawalan ako ng isang blog na babasahin. hehe

    i pray you find the strength to make the right decision. not the easy one but the right one.


    tagal mo nang hindi nagpaparamdam

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  8. akala ko binura mo na itong blog mo. buti na lang hindi, kasi mami-miss ka namin. now, let me hug you, my friend. be strong. kaya mo yan. :)