Thursday, January 14, 2010


One weekend I decided to go back to UP, to stay with my former room mate because I miss Manila. Since his girlfriend was not available we decided to go somewhere in Quezon Avenue to drink. We talked almost every topic we could think of from college to cars to girls. We share different taste when it comes with girls. He likes petite girls with huge boobs and that are a bit chubby while I like taller ones with huge butts and that are slim. Funny but it turned out that our girlfriends that time are opposite what we like. My recently ex-girlfriend only stands 5' and is blessed on the chest department while his girl stands 5' 7" and has a very shapely butt. I had fun and I was glad I did go back.

By 2am in the morning Jeff* invited me to go to "the aquarium" to look for pretty girls. I didn't bother asking him what about his girlfriend because I'm quite eager to check the place too. I haven't been there before and my curios nature told me to go and experience it.

The building was packed with cars from all sizes outside. Before we enter the place, Jeff borrowed some cash so I decided to withdraw money first and handed Jeff what he needed. We were greeted upon entering and the guard patiently checks what we had with us. Then we were guided to a huge glass in front of us. Suddenly the light lit up and we saw girls starting to enter the room opposite the glass and sat in front of us. I was amazed by how pretty these girls were. Almost everything you look for you could find there. Jeff was teasing me, if I could only see my own face I would be laughing too. I can't imagine why decided to have this kind of job when they could actually look for something else, decent. They were all wearing white, in tube and in mini skirts. My heart begun to rise and my eyes hopped from one girl to another.

There she was. The tall girl I've been waiting for, slim, slender and very fair in her white dress. Pretty face with a nice set of teeth. All smiling and waiting for me haha. I picked her.

Jeff, on the other hand, picked a very beautiful small girl with a healthy chest. I can't help but smile because you could pick your ideal girl and have then even for a brief moment in time, fantasy will become reality.

We were ushered to our own rooms and Jeff wished me luck.

Inside I carefully lie down the bed and waited for my chosen girl. Then she went inside after a few minutes. She took off my clothes carefully. Still smiling and she began the massage. I can't take it any longer so I sat up and whispered to her what I like, gently. She smiled, I tried to kiss her but moved her face away from me. I forgot what Jeff told me that most of these girls don't kiss. Instead she kissed and played my neck with her warm lips. She whispered that I don't have to do anything and just let her be in control. I felt excited. Her kisses moved down to my chest and sucking each of my nipples while caressing the other in turn, it was all pleasure. Then down to my balls before finally swallowing me. She's an expert alright, it's something I could not ask my girlfriend to do. Her tongue did wonders I can't put in words.

After a while she raises her head and still on her knees. I noticed that she already put the condom on me using her mouth and I didn't even notice it. I'm in sitting position now and spread my legs apart. She sat on me. I hugged her as she began to move slowly in a forward and back direction. Then she wraps her legs around my waist and I carefully carry her and stand on my knees. We moved together like we were dancing. It was hot and we're beginning to perspire.

I carefully lay her down to the bed while her legs still on my waist, and began pumping. I had to take charge, I told myself so I carefully position her on her side. She forwarded her left knee and I entered her slowly. I'm facing her know, looking directly at her face. I'm not sure if she's actually enjoying it or she's too expert to fake whatever needed emotions she have to express during encounters like these. Well I don't care but I want her to have a great time too.

Then I shifted her position so her back resting on the bed. I raised her both legs and enter her that way. I pumped and pumped and I came.

"Bakit ka nandito?," I began to ask while she carefully resting her head on my shoulder while I carefully run my fingers through her hair.

"Madali kase pera dito tapos kailangan ko pa supportahan mga magulang ko, kapatid ko at anak ko," she answered.

"Ha? May anak ka na?," I was bewildered.

"Oo nabuntis kase ako at hindi pinagutan ng ama niya. Kaya ayun ito lang alam ko na madali ang pera. Tsaka hindi ako nakapagtapos ng pag-aaral," she reasoned out.

"Ganun ba," I am lost for words. I just hugged her as we waited for my time to end. Napaisip ako. Pero blanko. Wala pumapasok sa isip ko that time. Siguro naawa ako sa kanya. Basta ewan hindi ko masabi o ma express ang tunay na niloloob ko that time.

After a while we went inside the shower and helped me took a bath. She gives me a head one last time before she leaves the room.

I began to dress up. Still I'm trying to dissect what I felt about our conversation. Naisip ko na isa lang siya sa mga babaeng naka upo sa aquarium. I'm sure each one of them had their own stories to tell. Whatever their reasons were, it boils down on how easy they could get money by just sleeping around with men.

I waited for a while before Jeff finally got out. He was not his usual self and apparently unsatisfied haha. I asked him what pissed him off, he said the girl he picked was so maarte. She won't even give him head haha.

We went outside to look for a cab.

"Sir!," the girl I picked called up from behind us. She's on tees and jeans. She's wearing rubber shoes and backpack on her back.

"Oh? Uwian na?," I asked.

"Oo, 'yun na nga sundo naming pauwi ng Bulacan," she smiled as she pointed out the cab nearby.

"Ah. Ingat kayo pauwi ha," I smiled back.

"Sige sir," she said as they head to the cab, went inside and on their way home.

When properly dress up she still looks beautiful sans all the makeup she used to wear when she's in the aquarium. You won't be able to tell that she works there.

I sighed and I wish her luck and I was hoping that she could find another job, a decent one, for her family and child.

I didn't go back to the place. Whenever we go to beer house, hindi na rin ako nagtatable pa or sumisilip sa aquarium. Doon na lang sa mga sumasayaw sa entablado. Everytime I watch these girls dance naked sa entablado habang patay sindi ang mga iba't ibang makukulaw na ilaw, I am wondering kung ano story niya why she end up doing that. I guess I'll never know because I will no longer ask.


The Curious Cat

*Name/s altered to hide identity of the people involved in the story.
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  1. I'm a breast man, myself.

    Also - good story, xtian. A post that stimulated both my libido and my super-ego. Nice mix of eros and pathos, there.

  2. with the kind of world and environment we have right now, its very easily to agree with these people in terms of their views regarding job and money with the hope that one day, sun will shine upon them and they'll get back to being themselves.

    I won't agree with her, hindi madaling kumita ng pera sa pag puputa.

  3. Reminds me how I was devirginized. Unlike yours, I developed an aversion towards the opposite sex because of it.

  4. @domjullian 'yun sabi niya sa akin mas madali daw, emotionally and psychologically siguro mas mahirap

  5. Yup. If a whiff of inspiration hits me, I will write about it. :)

  6. but don't they all have a sob story? I mean wala naman ata aamin that they enjoy it right?

  7. lagpas 2am na, happy hour na! haha

    @rygel @dabo
    oh there are. to scratch the itch and still being paid

  8. @Galen someday will we able to read it ba?

  9. @Rygel kaya I don't ask na hehe nakakadepress story nila

  10. @Ash haha kahit saan naman ganun e