Friday, January 22, 2010


A few days ago it was your birthday. For the first time since we're together I didn't greet you. I didn't give you a birthday present, not even your favorite chocolate moist cake, nothing. Not even a birthday kiss.

Everyone knows that you don't celebrate it but I always make sure we celebrate it together. I hope you're not astonished as I got no surprise for you at all. Nonetheless, I'll greet you here, on this blog. This is my breathing space, even if I can't say it directly to you, I'll say it here. It's all the same.

Happy Birthday Mahal.

Even if no candles to blow for you to wish. No birthday song for you to hear from me. No more smile from me as you take the first bite on my cake. With all my heart I wish you all the best life has to offer. I wish you well. I wish you good health and I wish your wish will come true, whatever it might be...

...even if I no longer part of it.


The Curious Cat

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  1. I don't know why pero naiyak ako sa post na 'to.

  2. ah xtian you still love him.
    now i feel how conflicted you really are :(
    hugs for you!

  3. no xtian, it's not all the same. this blog is not ur partner. u r fast becoming an escapist and u think that's good? u all have the words to say and u r afraid and this blog could not help u either, even with the sympathies of people here. i dislike saying this but dont wait until someone will call u a coward.

  4. we all use our blogs as a form of escape. i kinda understand trip's comment. i guess at some point we all have to face our demons but until you gain the strength though, we're always here to listen/read.

  5. this is kind of bittersweet. sigh.

    i'm just hoping that everything will turn out for the best.

  6. Christian,

    Maybe the surprise is that there was no surprise.

    "Long ago -- you might've lit up my heart
    But the fire's dead -- ain't never ever gonna start."


  7. It's sad to witness the death of a relationship. But there you go.

  8. simple but sad. i would like to give you a big hug for this effort.

  9. haaayyyyyy! if this is your way of coping, so be it.

  10. ayyy sayang kala ko ang ending ng post mo e magkakasama kayo sa dinner or what....

    anyway,be strong

  11. this one's for the primetime bida :)

    i guess you love yourself that much that you can't love him less.

  12. wow sobrang sweet! baka langgamin ang cake hehehe.

  13. mahal mo pa nga talga siya...

  14. na lungkot ako sa entry na to.. seriously..

  15. :(

    hugs na lang, speechless ako eh.

    text ka lang bro.

  16. this is so touching i want to cry...