Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It was just like any ordinary night for me. I'm on my day off from my previous job as a call center agent. I used to live in Ortigas extension so Libis is just a jeepney ride away. There in Libis I would rent a pc in a 24-hr internet café to chat. I've been chatting with a lot of guys who want to get laid that night and options are quite abundant so there's no really need to hurry. The night was still young and I am having fun trading thoughts, numbers and photos with them.

I turned on the web cam and let them see who they were talking too. I'm wearing my topman sando and my now gone favorite cap so I really felt confident that I look pleasant that night. I'm not good looking but it's enough to satisfy some people's craving for a late night laid. Request to view me came flooding incessantly and I'm quite thrilled to know that they're interested. After all, maybe one of them I might get laid tonight so why turn down the requests.

It was already late and I was able to gather numbers and information of probable playmates. I responded to a cute, chinito and buffed up guy. He lives somewhere in Manila which is quite far from my place but he intrigues me. He called me up and told me he had a place if I'm interested, well I am, so I traveled all the way up from Libis to meet him at McDonalds near Pedro Gil LRT station. Libog nga naman, hindi iniinda ang layo masatify lamang lol.

There he was standing outside McDonalds wearing a yellow polo shirt and all smiles. He's kind of drunk, I could tell. Since I was there already and he's really cute so I decided to go with him. We walked for a while and rode a jeep to reach his place. His place is located on a second floor of a building and it was so dark inside. He guided me straight to his room. We begun to undress and begun to play. After a while I smell something awful. It was him, he really smells bad when perspiring. Since he's drunk he already felt dizzy. I stopped because I can no longer take it anymore. In short nawala libog ko haha. Sayang at cute niya pa naman sana. Hindi yata kasama sa vocabulary niya ang hygiene.

He just lay down there to his bed, he said na para daw ako softy ice cream, mabilis mag melt haha gusto ko sana sabihin sa kanya na ang baho niya kase pero sobrang rude naman nun kaya hindi ko na pinatulan. He closed his eyes and begun to snore. I began to dress up and went out silently so I could not wake him up. When I opened the door, nagulat ako sa dami ng tao sa labas ng room niya. Gym pala 'yun at halos nakatingin sa akin ang mga nagwowork out. That explains the wide open space papunta sa room niya. Kala ko bodega lang, ang dilim kase. Nahiya ako at nanginig haha. Ma expose ba naman na hindi nakabutton yung polo ko na lumabas sa room ng isang hunk na maaring may ari ng gym.

I head out hurriedly using the stairs and outside hindi ko alam kung nasaan ako. Basta nakakita ako ng jeep going to Guadalupe, sumakay na ako. Ang layo sobra at antok na antok na ako. Nasayang lang oras ko. Hmp.

Pagdating ko sa bahay naligo ako at nagtoothbrush then natulog hehe may bukas pa para sa next booking. Soon ikukwento ko kung pinalad na ako that time.


The Curious Cat

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  1. This had happened to me twice in the past. What I did was to ask the guy to take a shower with me. I'd just say sex in the shower is a fetish. Then I was the BO away. :)

  2. next time tanong mo muna kung alam kung ano ang deodorant.hehe.

  3. i know someone who used colas to wash other people thingy before the deed. and when asked, he will smile and say "para may flavor." lol

  4. Hala. Sana sinabi mo "Hindi ito ang klase ng putok na inaasahan ko."

  5. Ugh, kaya ako pag may naka-schedule na digmaan, kahit maligo ng pabango ginagawa ko wag lang mapahiya sa kalaban.

  6. sana niyaya mo siya sabay kayo maligo. para di masyado obvious. saya yun

  7. @rudeboy: in fainess, witty! hahaha!

    i had the same experience a few months back. i invited somebody in my hotel room and it turns out na may body odor din. i asked him to take a bath but still, the smell was there.

    suffice to say, i asked him to go home.

  8. May ganyang kwento rin ako.
    Matigas kasi ang ulo ko, sinubukan ko sa ibang race... Ayun... Bingo!



  9. nagbabala ang maynilad na maaaring magkaroon ng kakulangan ng suplay sa tubig sa mga susunod na buwan dahil sa el nino

    naku, eh di lalo na siguro kapag nagkatotoo ang babala na yun

    <*maldita mode*>


  10. @Rudeboy: hahaha.

    ang pawis, pag tama lang, may dagdag na sipa, added turn on kumbaga. pero pag ganyan na, naku, iba na yan, hehehe. turn off talaga.

  11. haha mukhang madami nakarelate ah, mga nka experience na din pala kayo lol

  12. kakatawa naman 'to lol umabot ata amoy dito =D

  13. Mmm okay, related story.

    Long time ago, I had sex with a guy who slobbered saliva all over my body. While that was icky enough, I was still politeboy back then and didn't want to tell him his saliva smelled like rotting corpses because I didn't want to hurt his feelings.

    But GOD, I never wanted to vomit so badly in my life.

    Flash-forward ten years later. We meet each other at a party and presently he confides "You know, I didn't want to tell you this, but the first time we had sex, you smelled so bad."

    Since I was still semi-politeboy, I just had to grit my teeth to stop myself from yelling "YOU WERE SMELLING YOUR OWN F*CKIN' SPIT, YOU DIRTY C*NT!!!"


  14. lol @ rudeboy! hahahahaha

    anyway, sana niregaluhan mo ng deo at sabon. malay mo, diamond in the rough lang.. haha

  15. This post, and all the other comments, made me laugh.

    I particularly liked Rudeboy's though. :)

  16. @Rudeboy haha the nerve, kapal talaga ibang tao lol nakaka-awa siya

  17. may ganyang din akong experience.. but hindi sa under arm... down there.. sa pubes area.. haaayyy.. major turn off talga..