Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I'm early again as usual; I enter the building and greet the guard good morning while I smile as the guard replies good morning too. Get my time card and punch it in for the attendance, it says 7:25am. I'll go upstairs and say my morning prayers before going up to the third floor where my station is. I turn on the fan and turn on the computer. Type on my password, hit on the enter key before going to the attendance sheet to write what time I arrived.

It's pretty much the same every morning on a weekday.

I've been having a really tough day at the office for the past few weeks. I started the year by not going to the office for the first two days. I was still in the province renewing my driver's license on the first day and my flight going back to Manila on the second day. And those two days my boss was sending me SMS non-stop while I'm on the phone almost all day instructing my officemate what to do about the program I created. Mom was right, I shouldn't have let myself be absent on the first day of work. Now, it's like napaglihi-an that my days at the office will always be tough and rough.

Last Monday, my boss insulted me and some other programmers in front of all our officemates. You see, being a contractual it is expected of you to know everything in the office even if the job was given to you that very moment. Even if it's not your fault, you have to accept it because it's your job to fix things. That's why you are hired, that's why they hired me.

I told my boss that I'm making a mano-mano way of extracting info because the information given to me was different from the database. Then the program handed to me has missing queries so I have to analyze, redo and fix (debug) the program. That will take time, but the higher bosses were putting too much pressure on my boss that's why my boss' snaps. My boss got mad at us, telling me that the issues were given last Friday (4pm) and I was supposed to fix it last Friday. But I wasn't able to finish it 'til Monday.

Yesterday, my boss snaps again. My boss called me and one of my officemate to discuss an issue regarding some system. My officemate was not able to fix the issue so they seek for my help. Again, there's no excuse for me not to know the system so I had to accept. Instead of getting mad at my officemate, a regular employee, she got mad at me instead - insulting me and stuff.

I've been a contractual here for almost three years now. I love my job, I really do. I like my boss; however, I got to a point now that I can no longer take my boss' temper. I used to think that it's all part of the job but it's really getting into my nerves now. Nobody in the office actually like my boss that's why they kid me that I'm my boss' best friend because I don't have anything bad to say against the boss despite the temperament.

While debugging on of the program, one of the contractual from other company who's part of one of our on going project asked me it I am to become a boss someday, will I act and do what my boss is doing and acting right now. He asked me this because he too experienced being scolded at by my boss. I told him, probably not because I know how my employee would feel like, because I experienced it already. I asked the question back at him, he said he won't become like that then he laughed.

No matter how I ignore and accept that my boss will always be like that, even if I don't recognize its effect, unconsciously I am slowly draining. There's only too much I can take.

Not to mention that our salary has been delayed for two months and up to now they still owe us a month's worth of salary. The end of the month is fast approaching and we contractors don't know if we'll be receiving a pay. Aside from work, we also think of the bills we're going to pay, the money we'll give and send to our families (in the province), and the money we have to spend everyday for food and transportation.

All that I ignore, tiniis ko because I like my job. Pero I think tama na and it's time for me to move on. Some good things have to last no matter how much you love it. Now, I'm recognizing and accepting that fact. I shouldn't have agreed to be extended up to March 2010. I should have accepted the offer I was given from the other company. It's too late now, so I will have to endure this until my contract expires on March.

I should have listened to my friends when they told me to give up this job and pursue my raket. And become a full-time raketista. After all, I already build a good portfolio and already have some following. Again, it's too late for that.

What a life so far, problema na nga sa partner, problema pa sa trabaho.

Well, it's almost 8am so I'll stop here and start to work before my boss get mad again.


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  1. don't take this as bragging, but in my company, bosses don't act like that. they are courteous and respectful of those under them.

    we even call them by their first names.

    i hope you can untangle the mess in the office soon so less stress for you.

  2. Mukhang pare-pareho tayo ng situation ah. Ako rin, had a tough time last week. Ngayon naman gy nga ako pero sobrang busy busy pa rin.

  3. Ah, what can I say, xtian? You meet all sorts in life and work, but since you and I both work in service industries, clients will always ask for the impossible.

    And of course, they need the impossible yesterday, too.

    Look on the bright side. You have an endo to look forward to. February is the shortest month and then it will be March. And after that, you can choose to be free from this draining work environment and explore other options.

    Do it while you're young. Because the older you get, the more timid you become when it comes to risk-taking.

  4. labor relations check: 3 years contractual?against labor law..3 months delayed ang sweldo? against labor law...

    sabi mo it's too late to become a raketista..i beg to disagree. kasi maayos na ang portfolio mo. i believe you can be a full time 'raketista' kasi marami ka na rin namang followers.

    i know it's hard to take, pero wag mo masyadong pakadibdibin.

  5. that's one rough job.. one of my boss told me before that "You will never know your worth unless you go out and explore.." i think it's high time for you to seek greener pasture..

  6. IT is a tough job. Strict deadlines. Fast rollovers... but contractual for three years? That's really wrong... really really wrong.

  7. @daredevil lucky for you to have superiors like that :)

  8. @Galen mahirap talaga minsan dba? syempre naapektuhan ka din

  9. @rudeboy I'm glad nakakarelate ka hehe, ok naman 'yun kaso lang kailangan pa ba na mang insulto? well, kasama na yata sa job description ko 'yun

  10. @Anteros consultant kase ako so contract based ako, nirerenew lang nila services ko. nilapit na namin sa LABOR but to no avail. all our efforts were for naught

  11. @Dhon I'd like to think so :) thanks

  12. think of it this way. right now you're in the dumps. no other way but up! :D

    we all have our moments with the boss. just smile and everything will be a-okay! :D