Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Awaken by the ringing of the alarm clock located in the headboard just above my head. I tried to open my eyes but to no avail. As I am about to succumb to slumber, when I heard the door opened. Again I tried to open my eyes to check who might have opened it, but the door is still closed. I looked at the closet and the sound came from the closet’s door. He got his uniform and carefully slid it as he dashed his way out the room. I reached for my phone and saw the time: it was 6:05 am.

I carefully stood up and fixed the bed before heading to the bathroom to take a bath. I was still sleepy so I decided to jerk off first to fend off the morning stiffness. Then turn on the shower to wash all the nightmares I had the previous night. The water was cold but my body already got used to it. Goosebumps beginning to appear as I let the water run down my already doused body.

I tried recalling and replaying the nightmares visiting me in my forty winks but I can’t seem to do it. All I remember was that I am very thirsty and no matter how many glasses of water I drink, the thirst seemed unquenchable. It’s been bothering me. I tried drinking a lot of water before going to sleep and when I woke up I grab a glassful just to make sure that I’m not dehydrated.

It was already 7:00 am when I’m all made up. So I carefully locked the door before heading to the street and fought my way to an FX ride going to EDSA. FX was not the most comfortable means of transportation but it was the swiftest ride available, well if you own your own car or held a taxi cab that would be much faster but to a commuter like me, an FX ride would suffice.

On my way to EDSA, aside from the sardine can like situation inside, I can’t help but think about my friend who just had his heart broken 3 days ago. Last Friday, I was supposed to meet another friend for some rounds of beer but his officemates didn’t allow him to go just yet so he told me he won’t be able to meet me. Dismayed, I decided to go home already. When I was about to go, I received a text from my other friend. He was asking if I could see him for some drinks. The night was still young and I do want to drink so I decided to meet him.

It’s been months since I last saw him because his schedule became erratic ever since they started provincial tours again to promote their band’s latest single. He was the lead guitarist on some famous local band here. I saw him already stated drinking, he had his hair grow back again and it suited him well.

He waved at me when he saw me. I grabbed a chair and placed my bag on the other empty chair.

“Pre musta? Chopsuey pala para diet hehe,” he greeted me.

“Ok lang naman. Tagal na natin hindi nagkita ah,” I replied.

“Oo nga.”

We started catching up and talked about our other friends and how they were doing. Then he started opening up about his breakup with his girlfriend. I even kid him that he got busy ever since that bitch stole him up from us. His girlfriend broke up with him over YM. They were chatting when he noticed that his girlfriend doesn’t seem interested talking with him. So he asked why, instead of replying she posted a photo of herself with her new beau on her facebook account. Sucks and it hurts.

He was shocked. He didn’t saw it coming. Then she told him that he found someone new and had to choose between the two. She chooses the other guy over him, just like that.

“Pre ganun lang ba ako kadali kalimutan?,” he asked me but words failed me. I just stared at him blankly. His question caught me off guard. I’ve been meaning to ask that myself. I can relate with his situation. So I empathized with him.

“Muntik ko na nga itapon ang Mac book ko… Kala ko siya na. Sabay kase kami nangarap eh… Sabi pa niya sa akin, antayin ko daw ang pagbalik niya… Sabi niya na nasa akin na daw lahat ng katangian na hanap niya sa lalaki… Binigyan ko pa nga siya ng susi ng apartment ko para alam niya may babalikan siya pagbalik niya ng Pinas”

He told me his not sure what would be his reaction if ever she would ask him back again. But he just felt betrayed and could no longer trust her.

He told me a lot of things more. He’s been devastated. He said despite of all what she did, he still wish her well. Hopefully, the new guy was worth it and she will not regret it and will have a happy life with him.

We called it a night by 5am, he invited me to crash at his place like every time we get out but I declined because I wanted to sleep longer and since he still has a gig by 9:00 am so my sleep would be cut short.

“EDSA,” the FX driver shouted obliterating my trains of thoughts.

I hurriedly went out and cross the street for my bus ride going to the office. I sighed and tried thinking of happy thoughts but all for naught.


The Curious Cat

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  1. pwede ba kitang yakapin na lang?

    sana makatulong para mabawasan ang kalungkutan mo

  2. it is sad knowing that people are inconsiderate of other people's feelings. their own always take precedent.

  3. bakit may mga taong ganun? haaay. anyway, makakahanap din yung barkada mo ng matinong babae para sa kanya. soon :|

  4. Bakit ang daming malungkot ngayon?
    Isa na ako doon! =o(

    "it is sad knowing that people are inconsiderate of other people's feelings. their own always take precedent."

    Couldn't agree more!
    Mga &*%!@% *&^ nilang lahat!

    Kampai no more! =o(

  5. chillax na lang muna... daming sad these days

  6. A very sad story. And I have to agree, that kind of break up sucks. Believe me, I know, it happened to me as well. But as an old wise man use to say:

    Everything happens for a reason.

    I do hope that he'll be happy some day. Same goes for you too.

    btw, I hope you won't mind, I added your link under my Recommended Reads. Your posts are so touching and I recommend it for everyone.