Saturday, February 13, 2010


I find it really hard to stare at some strangers I came across whenever I am in public places, simply because they might find it offensive. I always shy away whenever some tried to stare or stare back at me. Maybe that's the reason I haven't develop the art of sensing other person's preference.

One time, I was strolling around Gateway Mall in Cubao while waiting for a text message from a friend whom I got to meet later on, I notice a guy staring at me from afar. I tried ignoring him first but he kept on gazing. I really felt uncomfortable at first but finally decided to gawk back.

He's a Chinese guy, very fair, and a bit skinny. He's not that hot and I don't know, but involuntary I had an erection. Maybe I finally admit it to myself that somehow I find it sexy that someone was looking or let's say that someone was trying to flirt with me at the mall. It was not the first time that someone stared at me but it was the first time for me to look back.

He kind of smile and started to approach me. What I did was I went to the bath room so that I'll kind of get out from that situation. Even though it excites me but it felt really uncomfortable. It felt like I'm about to have a fever. I went inside and noticed that he followed. I went to the farthest urinal but I find it hard to urinate because of my erection.

Then he went inside and he had chosen the next urinal from mine. He looked at me and smiled. I felt uneasy so I hurriedly tuck "it" in and went outside without looking back at him. He still followed me. In the escalator, he was standing a step away from me, awkwardly, I typed my digits on my mobile phone and raised it a bit so he could see my number and hoped he'd saved it. Then I hurriedly went outside the mall.

After a few minutes I received a text from him, I read the message and his name was written on it.

Weeks later, I was alone in some hotel in Manila and had nothing else to do. I texted him and invited him to come over. I guess you already have an idea what happened next, don't you?


The Curious Cat

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  1. My my my... this boy's been bad... *grins*

  2. hahaha, and that's how the curious cat started his ways.

  3. gayway is right! haha galing din ng style mo a! :D

  4. omg, i love this. i also like your style. hehe! :)

  5. hala! umaarriba si xtian lols

  6. ang mga dikya wala sa dagat.. umaatend ng porn class.

    i rest my case.

  7. haha! di ko kaya ang ginawa mo. hehe

  8. that's so cool! you don't even need to flirt.

  9. parang hi-hello lang ang L word ah...
    ang sex parang handshake na lang.