Monday, February 15, 2010


It was almost dawn when I agreed to join a stranger I just met over a bottle of Red Horse. It was swift just an invitation to go somewhere private. I was already drunk before the stranger joined me and my friend (the strange actually ordered that last round of beer). As my friend sashayed his way into the common restroom I left the bar with the stranger. Bills already been settled so I guess my friend need not to worry, after all, I know he won't mind me ditching him over a lay. The sun is almost up when the spirits began playing tricks on my sub-consciousness.

"I'll go in first and when you receive my text you follow," the stranger instructed me.

No need for me to respond because I already know how to play this game. Not having a place of my own, the mirrored rooms became my playing field - the witness to the exchange of flesh and pleasure of both withering souls.

It was fast - the text message. I cross the street and went inside. The guy from reception area greeted me and I gave him the information I read from the text message. I slither smoothly on my way to where the barter will ensue.

He was already lying there, staring back at me. I carefully closed the door and began undressing. Then it began.

"I love you," the stranger said in the middle of game.

"Ha?," I asked?

"I love you," he repeated.

"Love mo na 'ko?," I asked.

How a stranger could say that to a person whom he just met? How could people, in general, say these words without even meaning it? How could they easily say it just like that? So I played along.

"Pano kung I'm taken na?," I added.

"Ok lang, number two ako," I replied.

I was bewildered. This person seemed crazy; he just said he love a person whom he just met over a beer then willing to be my number two if ever I'm already taken (haba ng hair).

Spirits still lingering and playing tricks on my head so I didn't bother him saying those stupid remarks as I'm trying to relieve my horniness. It's part of the game. No matter how it's been played when both parties reach the pinnacle, both parties win. That's what I love about this game, no one actually loses. Well, that's it if you no investment of emotion involves.

The phone ring while I'm still dozing of. I'm still sleepy so he invited me to come to his place. We dined first at some local Chinese restaurant before heading over to his place.

I was shocked to find out that his room mate was actually one of the people I flirted over the bar last night - small world indeed.

It was a long day. We played a lot at different corner of his pad. Not minding if his room mate sees us.

Later, I went home and send him a text message:

"Sorry but I can no longer see you."

He replied dozens of text messages telling me that he loves me blah blah blah then when he realized I'm not replying or answering any his calls he began cursing me hehe.

So I'm asking again, how could you say you love a person you just met? How could people, in general, say these words without even meaning it? How could they easily say it just like that?

If you like the person or stranger you just met, it doesn't amount to love, right? Like, most likely, but love I don't think so. What do you think?


The Curious Cat

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  1. if you believe in love at first sight, you'll think it is possible. but if you don't, then it is not possible. :)

  2. I think, xtian, that the L-word should be used carefully. It is a powerful word, with the capacity to create bliss or misery, and should not be said nor taken lightly.

  3. I reserve that four letter word for something that has deeper meaning.

    Sad how some people easily forget that there's a fine line separating love from lust.

  4. pick up line yun so you cud see eachother again.

  5. lust at first sight..the probability is high.
    love at first sight..the impossibility is high.

  6. its possible. but with the given circumstances, its less likely to happen. ditto papa Rudy.

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  8. Personally.. Love is such a very heavy word.. and should be use more carefully.. saying that word comes with a responsibility..

  9. hay, kaya i told myself to steer clear of people who drop i-love-yous just like that... ;)

  10. Earthlings love to misuse that word. Oh well, baka 'feel' lang nila. hehe =)

  11. talk is cheap. anybody can say it anytime they want to and nobody can really stop them. how can they say it? they have their reasons and we can bang our heads to walls rationalizing them. for in the end, love ain't rational, but actions are and should be. :D

  12. maybe not exactly love yet... but it's possible to make a decision to commit one's self to someone after even the 1st time seeing him... and sticking to that decision for many years

  13. "love" should be said and expressed at a time when a deep connection between two people has been established. one should never take it lightly and say it out of just spur of the moment.

  14. hindi na ako naniniwala sa salita maging konsepto ng love.

    pero anyways sabi nga ng ilang nauna sa akin..'ikaw na..'


  15. i guess, he's emotionally unstable, he's looking for love in all the wrong places.

  16. "So I'm asking again, how could you say you love a person you just met? How could people, in general, say these words without even meaning it? How could they easily say it just like that?"

    simple lang. you can't. some people are so in love with love, they're willing to do and say antyhing to get it. ahah

  17. I think the guy you met is confused. Or troubled. Or probably, it's both. If you have some emotional issues or have been struggling to keep it together, it really is lust and love can be addled and confused with one another. But it shouldn't be. Love's just way too special to be mistaken for lust. Or liking someone.

  18. May mga tao lang talaga na confused sa love at libog.