Wednesday, February 10, 2010


There were times when I felt that my world stops but everyone else kept on revolving. As I stood still, all I see is a blur of everything. I think but not. Time passes me by but I remain.

Every time I passes by the walkway in Ortigas, as the wind swiftly blows my hair and send 'em flying away from me as if trying to escape to gain their freedom, all I see are people worried faces. Stressed. I glanced at the vehicles below me and they stood still, waiting for the green light to move on to where they're heading. They keep on moving while I thought I remain standing still.

Hearing the blind's mind voice make me most sad, sending shivers but I pretend not to see. I look at Mary's image instead and awed by her immensity, helping people before me in keeping their faith but why can't I. People come and go but the voice still lingers.

Ants crawl in one direction, back and forth. People often forget when temptation is abound. Used to care but already get used to it. A wink a nudge let's procreate.

I often caught myself staring blankly into the horizon, pass the building pass the people in front of me. As if I'm on a trance, dancing my way into nothingness. I wake up from this stupor finding myself funny yet hurt.

30 minutes, 45 minutes it doesn't matter. I run, I jog and I flight. Sweat flows profusely. Music playing, DJ's laughing. Escaping. I lift, I lounge, I breath in and out.

As the bus sends me home, it felt like ad infinitum. At least that's what I hope. Home is where the heart is, not. I close my eyes, hoping that tomorrow will be something different but as long as I'm bounded it will never be.


The Curious Cat

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  1. I hope this sadness passes soon.

  2. your sadness is contagious. just let it out- sounds like an emo thing to say but we all know venting is one of the most efficient ways to get better.

    for what it's worth, i hope you feel better soon.

  3. i think i can relate. and im going to my home where the heart is. :)

  4. The bondage of pain is unrelenting. He caresses the weak with his promises of release, only to slap you with a reality unapologetic. Often I find myself in awe how things can very easily proceed without my involvement. That is why I often walk home from work, or at least to EDSA. The Ayala Triangle Park has been a comforting oasis to voyeur and romanticize this life I inhabit.

    Pain will leave, once the rusted leaves of fall are exhausted. For now, one must brave its savored descent, one leaf of a memory at a time. Be well.

  5. hope things will get better for you sooner.

  6. actually enjoy the sadness, damdamin talaga lahat para when you're ready to move on, there'll be no looking back

  7. its just part of the relationship phase, nasa depression stage ka na, a couple of days or months -> acceptance na

  8. sana sabay sa pagdating ng bagong umaga ay ang pagsikat ng bagong pag-asa. take care, my friend, and try to be happy. :)