Thursday, February 4, 2010


Crowd smiles fade as they get pass you
Time ticks but time stood still
Stuck in the moment will leave us blue
Sparrow stands by for a kill

Morning is breaking the fogs fading
Days’ passing like leaves falling
Deafening silence the beats’ slowing
Chilling the cold and empty being

Blissful faces nearby trance
So close yet so unreachable
Pearls form along with the glance
No one held accountable

Certain dusk comes before darkness falls
Starless sky neon lights blinding
Walking nowhere no one calls
Homeward bound birds chirping


The Curious Cat

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  1. it will pass... hoping you all the best...

  2. I'm not going to comment on the post itself, but I find myself rather attached to the name of your blog.

  3. it felt like seconds after orgasm, you realize you explode inside too late, with heart tearing all along.

  4. And til now I wait
    For your sweet embrace
    My love don't be late
    For I wait in grace

    -Menthos, The Mentos Addict