Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The first quarter of 2010 is about to end yet a lot of things already came to pass Things happened so fast that it left me joggling a lot of stuffs at a time. First there was the break-up and then I lose a lot of weight. My contract in the company is about to end and a lot of opportunities to seek for a better job come knocking at my doorsteps. Going out with friends again and meeting up people is again part of my life. Then I finally move on and I'm taking things slowly this time. A lot of transformations come my way and I'm glad that I'm coping up.

I was 207 lbs before 2009 ends and I realized that I need to do something about it. I decided not to eat rice on the 24th of Dec of last year and haven't taken rice ever since. From 36" I'm down to 32" and I can already wear skinny jeans haha. From XL shirts, small and medium sizes fit me all too well. Friends even offer to help me shop for new clothes hehe. Then I'll hit back to the gym come this April after a month of hiatus for body toning (I have no plans yet to buff myself up though).

The most drastic change however is my hair. From the long silky black hair my hair stylist friend decided to cut it into Korean/Italian style we often see on TV and glossies.

I was with a friend that night and we've been talking a lot of stuffs. I did mentioned what happened to me and my plans for the future. Then I showed him my ID and passport and he told me that I look better with a short hair. I told him that I'm still fat and so used to sport this long hair for so long that it's scary to cut it just like that. Eventually, I got so inspired and finally decided to have it cut that very hour.

I sent a friend an SMS to ask her about my stylist friend's number so I could contact him to give me a hair cut. I received the text and finally able to get hold of the stylist's number. I texted him and finally called him up.

"Hello san ka ba?," asked Ads*, my stylist friend.

"Dito ako sa Ayala Ave., buti gising ka pa," I replied.

"Hellooooo, 3 am kaya nagsasarado ang parlor namin. Ano ba nakain mo at magpapagupit ka sa ganitong oras (almost 1am)?," Ads asked again.

"Wala lang, gusto ko lang pagupit," I replied.

"Goooo. Alam mo ba pano pumunta dito?," he asked me again.

"Hindi e, txt mo na lang sa akin para punta ako dyan," I requested and I ended the conversation.

"Heto na yung address oh," I showed it up to my friend.

"Ah madali lang yan," he told me.

He held a cab for me and gave the cab driver the instructions on how to get there. I thank my friend for inspiring me. I'd really love to hug him but we were in a public place so I just texted him again how I felt.

Ads was already outside when I arrived at the parlor. He greeted me and showed me inside the parlor.

"Ano ba gusto mo gupit? Trim ba?," he asked me.

"Yung pinakita ko sa facebook ko, yung sa wall photos na album," I replied.

"Kaloka ka friend! Sigurado ka? Kala ko trim lang. Teka hihinga muna ako ng malalim. Teka sure ka ba talaga? Hoy mga bakla (referring to the other styling inside the parlor) papagupit daw niya (referring to me) buhok nya," Ads reacted violently while laughing.

"Hala hindi ka ba nanghihinayang dyan?," asked the other stylist.

"Oo nga, sayang naman buhok mo. Dko kakayanin yan pag ako. Paunti-unti siguro pero yung total gupit? Kalerki ka kuya," reacted another stylist.

"O sya, Xtian hali ka na at i-shampoo na kita. Haha kaw talaga," Ads laughed.

I was already sitting in front of the mirror while Ads was preparing my hair. He grabbed the pair of scissors and was already ready to cut it off.

"Teka teka teka… P*tang 'na 'tang na teka...," was all I could ever said.

Ads handed me the hair in a bun he just cut off me. I just received it from him and look at it for a few minutes before looking back at myself in front of the mirror. I almost do not recognize the reflection in front of me. A younger version of me perhaps and I began smiling.

Ads was an expert and I've been working with him for more that a year so I trust him already.

The rest of the people in the parlor applauded me for my courage to finally cut my hair short. It's been more than 3 years and in just a blink of an eye it was all gone - my shiny long black hair hehe.

Ads then took out his phone and took a photo of me with the camera installed in it. We headed to the nearest internet shop and he posted my photo for all our friends to see. The next thing I know, my facebook was flooded with messages of mix emotions from my contacts in facebook.

I texted my friend whom I am with earlier and told him about the hair cut. I even sent him a copy of the photo that Ads took earlier. I can't wait to see him again. I thank him for inspiring me to have it cut off.

We went back to the parlor. As promised I allow Ads to color some of part of my hair (in exchanged of styling it for free) which he told me I could color back to black after a week. Guess what color he put on my hair? Purple, yes it's purple haha.

The next day I had a fever. I don't know really know why but every time Ads cuts my hair I always had fever right after. But the result was always amazing and my hair grows back fast.

The week is almost ending so I could finally color it back to black. Then maybe come April or May I'll sport the hair cut I had back then, just like the one I have on my current passport photo.

Even though I've been through a lot for the past 3 months, I'm glad it all happened. It made me a better person and made me finally smile again.


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  1. o ikaw na si samson... sayang!!! hehehe.

  2. purple pala yun! i was wondering what color that was. sorry madilim nun eh.

    i like it! medyo nanibago lang ako but i think it made u look more interesting. amen to changes! keep 'em coming!

  3. i'm particular with my haircut...more often than not, i'm cutting it myself.

  4. yey for change. hugs, hugs and more hugs!

  5. what's with change and haircuts? hehehe

    pero maayo ni :)

  6. i just really love the way your hair move now... especially when you do that unintentional slight flipping....

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw....... :)

  7. change is good kapatid. im happy for you.

  8. Have you seen Felicity before? Sabi doon changing your hair style is like embracing a new "you", and being comfortable with change. Goodluck naman.

  9. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.......................................................