Wednesday, March 3, 2010


There’ll always be challenges along the way, I know that. I am the type of person who doesn’t easily give up, as long as I can still take it, I’ll take it. Even with friends, even if everyone else seems to leave a friend behind I’ll always be the last one to let go. But you see there are also battles that you should know and recognize (and accept) that are not worth fighting for anymore. You just have to let go and move on to the next challenge that life has to offer.

It was summer of 2007 when I finally realized that my love for art is not enough for me to sustain my stay here in the metro. Less than Php 1K a week of salary doesn’t compensate for the things I needed to spend for myself. I have to pay the rent; need to spend for fare and almost once a day meal. Amazingly, I survived. For almost two years I stayed working in animation industry. I love my job there, imagine drawing all day long and am with people of the same likes and hobbies as I do. It was perfect but not financially (rewarding). My situation is the same for all the artists working in that studio.

Come to think of it, we were lucky compared to other artists working in other studios. We were paid like Php 18.00 to 25.00 per drawings while other studios only pay for Php 12.00 to 14.00 per drawing. Even if you like drawing, but the pressure of drawing a lot in order to have a higher pay when the week ends tires you eventually. Fingers and hands are hurting and deadlines were impossible to meet yet we’re able to make it. Instead of going home, to earn more and to lessen expense in fare, we would stay all week long in the studio and eat instant noodles just to earn more (I lost a lot of weight though hehe).

It took me to realize all these things when our studio finally decided to close. Panicked stricken, a lot of artist began looking and transferring to other studios. We were all divided and separated into different studios around the city. Three of us transferred to Tomas Morato, a small studio but pays better while most of my colleagues decided to work in Pioneer (home to the biggest studio in the city).

Even though the studio I was working pays better but it doesn’t seemed to be the same. I no longer have with me the friends I get to know and love. Gradually it doesn’t seem to be fun anymore. That’s when I finally decided to go back to corporate world. I shifted to programming. Life becomes so much better. IT industry really pays well. You see, I no longer have to eat instant noodles (except for the time I want to remember my friends in animation). I don’t need to worry for the rent and bills I have to pay. I can send money in the province whenever my family needs it. I can watch movies again just like when I was in college. I am not extravagant so I only live according to my needs, so I am able to save some.

I’ve been working here at my present job for almost 3 years now. Even though the pressure work gives me, I am able to handle it pretty well. I love my work here actually, everyday I learn something new and that excites me. There’s always something to look forward to. I’m glad that every moment I’m here I get to live it to the fullest. Then again, another challenge comes my way. The last company that handles our contract was affected by the US economy. The company suffered so much during the recession consequently, it also affects us contractors. Salaries were delayed (two months the longest). Since we love our work here and we like the people we give our services to, it’s really hard for us to let go and resign from this company. It started August last year and up to know the company still owes us a month worth of pay and we don’t know yet when we’re going to get it or if we’re going to receive a pay this coming payday. We already seek help to DOLE but to no avail.

I just realized that it’s not worth working here anymore. No matter how you’d like to understand the company’s situation it’s just so hard. Working everyday under pressure and receiving nothing as compensation will slowly leave you uninspired, drained and hopeless. Again, love for work is not enough. I endured this for 7 long months already but I can no longer take it anymore.

After my contract ends this March, I will no longer renew it, whether I can find a new company to work for or not (don’t roll your eyes just yet Maxxwell, I know I told you to look for a job before quitting which you actually did). It will be hard for me, yes, I might even go back to eating a cup of noodles a day but I’ll take it. At least I will not work for naught. Well, I have still my “raket” as a fall back, even though it’s (pay) not enough but I still have something to earn. My “raket” actually saves me from those times we’re not receiving anything from our company so I think I’ll be ok. Hey I just survived a break-up from more than 5 year relationship so leaving this job would be a piece of cake. How hard can it be?

So guys, this is it. I finally made up my mind. I will no longer renew my contract so better wish me luck, ok? I know God will provide for those who work hard and persevere. I know I’ll be ok.


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  1. good luck xtian! there are a lot of people to back you up! :D

  2. 每個人生命中都可能遇到貴人,這些貴人不一定真的尊貴,他可能是陌生人,也可能是你的敵人。........................................

  3. Ah, xtian. Animation was my first love. Did you, by any chance, work at Burbank?

    At any rate, I once imagined I would be pursuing a Fine Arts degree until my father insisted that the only adjective preceding "artist" would be "starving." In hindsight, he wasn't totally off the mark, there. While not all artists starve, a great many do - figuratively and literally.

    I don't know if you're familiar with The Project Triangle: Cheap, Fast, and Good. Pick any TWO. I would apply a variation to life and careers: Happy, Successful, Rich. Pick any TWO.

    Aside from my sympathy regarding your current career woes, I'm unsure what to say, really. Life throws us many curveballs. Sometimes we hit them; more often, they slip past us.

    To stay in the game, we just pick ourselves up. Dust ourselves off. Start all over again.

  4. you're talented xtian, you'll be okay. =)

  5. soon it'll be picture perfect.

  6. well, we can't really have everything, christan. i say find a job that pays well. as of now, it's all that matters.

    sorry, idealists.

  7. sent you an email sir, hope it could help.

  8. i hope you'll do good. it's a good thing you have your raket. basta naa lang diskarte ;)

  9. good luck, xtian! you can do it. you're made of really strong stuff. kung sakin nangyari yan, baka bumigay na ako.

    ang i totally agree with john stanley. haha i "sold out" din when i joined this industry pero i found it rewarding naman. three years later, di parin ako nagsasawa.

    tagal ka ring walang post ah. glad to see you're writing again. :D

  10. Whether you go with or against the flow, it's how you keep yourself buoyed that matters.

    Goodluck. :)

  11. I've always believed that finding a job that you love to do is the most rewarding thing. But, and this is from experience, often doing your vocation doesn't necessarily lead to being satisfied with your job. I love what I do, I work in an industry that thrives on certain eccentricities, and the dynamic nature of my job allows me reign on certain creative factions that express my impulses.

    However, the work environment is abhorrently stressful, to the point of testing one's decency as a human being. Thus, although I love what I do, I actually detest going to work.

    I hope you find peace in this search for employment, as it is a tad risky now that you'd be competing with the graduates this year. But, as most would concur, selling yourself need not mean selling out. It could be an opportune time for fate to direct in formerly unventured territories, which, hopefully, might be surprisingly agreeable.

  12. aside from talent, you're intelligent and friendly. no, not friendly but a very warm person. you'll get by.

    kerrrri lang. lol =)

  13. Wishing you all the best, my friend... All the best!

  14. puwes... i-shot na yan.... :)

  15. @Darc thanks tol, umiyak na nga sa office yung sinabihan ko na d na ako magrerenw hehe, magiging tahimik na daw ang opisina

  16. @Rudeboy nope, hindi ko pa nga narinig yan until you mentioned it. talaga nag aanimation ka din?! astig!

    well I know kaya ko naman 'to pero I still have 3 siblings to help go through school kaya I just can't think of myself always/

    Thanks Rudeboy :)

  17. @Engel thanks dude, well I haven't got the chance to finish the game in xbox. I even forgot to borrow some of your tressured comic books

  18. @John Stan happiness pa rin una sa akin e

  19. @Lee mao lagi bai, ana dyud kinabuhi nato

  20. @Citybouy oh musta ka na? oo tagal na ako d nagbloblog wala na kase net tsaka pressure sa work talaga haha

    I'm glad at nagustuhan mo work mo :)

  21. @red the mood I like my job even the pressure that goes with it, pero I can't stay if it doesn't pay well

  22. no prob xtian.

    just in case may makasalubong pa akong pwedeng pagreferan sa iyo, email agad kita.

    mas naano kasi ako nang banggitin mo sa isang comment na may 3 kapatid ka pang kailangan tulungan makapagtapos.

    you've been nice to me. it's the least that i can do to repay such kindness

  23. May ikokomento sana ako sa nabasa ko sa taas, pero huwag na lang. Pero kunek naman na yata sa iyo ang gusto kong sabihin. Hehe.

    Gudlak sa paghahanap ng bagong trabaho at/o industriya. Masipag ka naman kaya madali lang iyan. :)