Monday, April 19, 2010


I've been very busy with turn-over documents that I haven't got the chance to read your blog posts lately. As what I've said from the previous post (I had the other month) that I won't be renewing my contract with my company, so this is it guys! Haha. Hopefully I'll be able to finish everything this week because my last working day will be on the 23rd. I'm so excited to finally free myself.

I also got the chance last week to talk to some of my officemates who are dear to me and I was overwhelmed by their response. They started crying and telling me stuffs that really moved me. It almost brought me to tears but I had to compose myself and tried hard not to cry (kakahiya lang ano, ang laki laki ko na tao tapos iiyak haha).

My boss was ok with my decision, after all, she knew that we're not being paid on time since the 3rd quarter of last year. I thank my boss for everything. Without her pressuring me and pushing me to my limits, I would not have discovered things that I am actually capable of doing and achieving. Surprisingly, our talk went really well. She gave me pieces of advice and I can really tell she's happy for me (and my decision to leave).

I am also joining a new company soon, weeeh. Yeap, I'm all excited about transferring, meeting new people and exploring new environment. In fact, last weekend I already signed the new contract and had my medical exam. I also hand them (company HRs) my requirements and documents needed for the transfer.

I also opened up a new savings account to transfer all my savings from my current payroll to my new account. Just a precaution in case there is a need to close my payroll account when I finally moved out from my current company.

Well, It's has been 3 years and the time for me to move out, on and forward has finally arrived. Goodbyes are never easy but we need it to grow into a better person and live a much better life. I remember upon seeing my officemates cry, it saddened me, in fact, for the briefest second, I wanted to take it (resignation) back, but of course, I know myself, once I decided it's final. The process of deciding was the hardest part but once you decided everything follows and it is smooth sailing already.

So guys, wish me luck ha hehe.


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