Saturday, June 12, 2010


There were a lot of times when I am about to give up. Just to stop and stare and don’t care. Just to let the moment pass by and letting myself get numb and act as if I’m not affected. However, some parts of me want to fight back and care. Swallowed my fears and head on, regardless of the outcome, what’s important is I try.

I’ve been very occupied lately with so much stuff that I don’t have enough time to sit and write something here in cyberspace. Been juggling creating turnover documents, rush client needs and requests and requirements for my company. It’s prettily exhausting but I try my best to finish a lot of things in a little time. My body’s complaining but as much as I want to leave things be I can’t because my future is at stake.

Good thing is that I’m inspired haha. I forget everything whenever I get the chance to see the inspiration.

Three weeks before this night I was able to finished the entire turnover documents from my previous company including all requirements that I have to finish before they can finally let go of me. Well up to now, there is still no news when they’re going to give me my 2316 and COE (Certificate of Employment). Funny though, they’ve been rushing me to finish all those documents and when I finally did, when I try to ask for COE and 2316 and clearance forms there’s no reply from them.

Anyway, I already started from my company. At first my body find it hard to adjust. Super antok ako the first two weeks. I don’t really drink coffee but for two weeks I’ve been drinking it like water. There were even instances when I had to mix 3 shots of espresso and 1 cup of three-in-one coffee just to wake myself up.

Finally, this week I was able to adjust. I hope so haha.

I’ve been sad since Monday up to Tuesday of this week. I really don’t know why. It was Tuesday when I finally face and assess myself. About what I really want and how to achieve it. I was running then with headphones on my head listening to some dance tunes. I was sweating profusely and then tears starts to flow uncontrollably. Luckily I was sweating else people will notice. After 40 minutes or so I stopped running and tears stopped flowing while my sweat drains away my sadness.

Then I went outside a church and pray. I prayed and gave all my worries to God and let His will be done and as long as I am doing my part without hurting anyone I think I’ll be ok.
So when I finally went back to the office the next day. I am no longer sad. In fact my boss noticed and teased me. Thinking I was inspired, well partly it’s true hehe.

It’s still early to tell but I think I’m going to love this new job and I hope it will stay that way regardless of the trials that will come my way in the future.

Anyway, that’s it for me now. That’s the summary of days where I am not able to update my blog. Sana lang, ibigay na ang clearance, COE at 2316 ko. Please lang.


The Curious Cat
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  1. hey hey! matagal na kitang di nakita ah!

    nice to know that meron ka nang bagong inspiration unlike before na kunsumisyon ang pinaguusapan natin. hehehe!

    take care always, my friend and nice talking to you a while ago. :)

  2. try mo apple instead of coffee. bonggang bonggang gising ka the whole night! :)

    stay happy!

  3. good luck with the new job. im glad happiness found you

  4. nakakadiri talaga... yaaaakkk!!! hahaha!

  5. mabuti yang nailalabas mo yung tears mo. have fun sa new job! at sana makuha mo na yung papeles mo. :D

  6. @nimmy thanks, mahal kase ang apple eh ang coffee free lang haha