Monday, June 14, 2010


At last we see the same sun staring back (at us)
Wandering forever at lost not one bit
A tick tock hanging by the second (passes swiftly)
Wall silently bore witness ceaselessly quite
Again but no replay different altogether
Whispers from coast to coast all so loudly

At last the moon shines oh so brightly
Widening horizon a step at a time
A hand holding hand that warms the night
Wry as it may seem when not one search
A meeting (where) the universe conspires
Wonder what befell (reasons) no longer matter

At last the stars sparkle mirror the devoted eyes
Waking up no more fantasies fogging thoughts
Abound with fresh memories dewy day
Walking side by side
A glimpse of things to come
Wheels turning another chapter (again)
A journey has begun (communication continues)


The Curious Cat
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