Saturday, June 19, 2010


“Sa’an ka? Kita tayo,” a text from my bestfriend while walking towards the church.

“Eto papunta ng church, its a Wednesday dba? Teka dba you were suppose to be in HK. D ka natuloy?,” I asked back, almost near the church.

“Naiwan ako ng plane, kwento ko sayo pagnagkita na tayo,” he texted back.

“Ok hehe, kaw talaga. Dito mo na lang ako puntahan?,” I suggested.

“Sige pero sa office ng church tayo kita. Almost there na ako,” it was already almost 8:30 pm.

”Oki doki, sa may right side lang ako ng church, will pray then puntahan kita,” I replied, I tucked my phone in my pocket then I began to pray.

After the rosary I checked my phone and no text from bestfriend. So I texted him instead, “Tapos na ako mag pray, san ka na?”

No reply, it’s been almost 30 minutes so I went to the church’s office right away. No sign of him. I tried calling and yet no response on his line. I began to get worried.

While trying to call for the nth time, I saw him inside the office. He was sweating profusely – like “basing sisiw, literally” tsk tsk tsk.

I approached him while his mind wandering somewhere else.

“Grabe Xtian, nadukutan ako. Malas talaga araw na ‘to,” I felt responsible because I was the one he’s been texting a while ago, the culprit might saw him texting me, “I don’t really care about my SIM but I need the phone. All the info I need for HK and Korea were all there. Tara samahan mo ako sa police station,” he was talking so fast that there’s no time for me to respond. He’s furious, scary. I know how upset he gets and things he might do when in that state.

We asked the guard where’s the nearest police station and we were told to ride a “padyak” going UNIoil.

There, on the padyak, he told me what happened. He was inside the bus, duffle bag in front while he was making his way out the bus. There was this guy in the middle of the way blocking him. It took him a while to make his way out the bus. Then someone told him to check his phone, he did but it was already gone. What’s left of it was the cord hanging by attached to his pants.

The man was nowhere to be seen. His phone, for 3 years, poof, just like that, out of thin air, was gone.

”Hindi ko pa alam number ni yobo* ko,” he told me feebly.

”Alam mo pa ba email niya? ‘Yung gamit niya sa facebook? We could go online and I can leave a message informing him what happened,” I suggested.

“Sige ganun na lang,” he replied while the “padyak” came to a halt.

”’Yun yung police station oh,” mamang driver pointed out the location of the police station.

I handed mamang driver our fare then we proceed to the station.

The police men were all there, they were eating dinner. It was already 9pm. My best friend approached one and told him that we were filing a report about phone being stolen. He informed us to sit while he’ll call for an office to assist us.

A minute past, then two then 10 minutes, not one police men approached us. My temper starts to heat up but upon gazing at best, he seemed determined to report the case so I calmed myself down.

Finally after (probably) 15 minutes past, an officer came.

”Ano ‘to,” the officer asked his fellow police men who were still enjoying the fishy-thing meal with “sabaw” and malungay.

”Magfifile ng ng report daw ‘yan, kanina pa ‘yan,” one shouted back.

”Kanina lang pala ‘to wala man lang nagassist,” he barked back. Eyes began to roll but I hid it, best might saw it.

Then best and the officer were talking. Best relayed what transpire. I was texting my partner about what happened to best. After a few minutes he called. I told him what happened. He was worried, I could tell from his voice. I asked if he could go online and do me some favor. I instructed him what to do and thanked him - sweet of him, very thoughtful.

After the complaint had been filed, I hailed a cab and we went to Crossing.

My phone rang, my partner on the other line told me that he already did what I requested. I thanked him again. I truly appreciate his effort, best asked me to thank him again for him.

Finally we settled at Chowking since best was so hungry already. We were eating while he informed me about what happened at the airport, about his current partner, about life, about lessons it offered.

After getting his partner’s number, I handed him my phone so they could talk.

I noticed that my best face kind of cleared up upon hearing his partner’s voice. Atleast, he’s sort of ok already. Regardless that his day ended so bad, just listening to his partner’s voice seemed to washed away all of it.

Best told me he’s going to be ok and he won’t keep me long because I still have work the next day.

On my way home, I texted my partner informing him that I’m going home already.

While watching the night away, I realized that in times like this, friends do play a vital role. Come to think of it, my best could do it all without my help, but by just being there, telling him that I’ll be there for him all throughout make things (for him) seem easier to bear. Knowing that there is someone whose willing to hold your hand when you’re troubled makes you feels secured – safe.

Having a partner, regardless of the distance, whose always going to be there for you makes things even bearable. Because you know at the end of the day he’s going to stand up for you and welcome you no matter what.

Best’s yobo texted me the next day. Thanking me.

And of course, whether we admit it or not, some policemen are fond of procrastinating things. Panis na ang case and yet they still don’t act. When they finally do, there’s nothing they can do (about it) because ang tagal na nun eh. Sabi pa nga ng officer na kausap ni best, “Wala na din ‘yun.” Yes true enough - thanks for consoling my bestfriend, it helps a lot.


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*Yobo means sweetheart in Korean dialect.


  1. buti na lang you were there for him. :)

  2. @dd kaya nga eh, kawawa siya that night