Sunday, July 4, 2010


How many times someone took your breath away? Suddenly you forget to breath. Savoring the moment before it'll pass as you exhale.

How many time you lost for words? Words fail you, because something so beautiful just happened right before your eyes. Speechless you become.

How many times your heart pumps so hard? You'd be so afraid it'll jump right out your chest. Being so excited to have someone so special coming for you.

How many times you wish a day won't end at all? It's not perfect but so close to being one. You'll hold onto it so long as you can.

How many times you can't sleep at night? Just by thinking of someone and/or relieving something so dear. Your heart and mind seemed to agree at last.

How many times you caught yourself smiling alone? Feeling so good thinking about someone. Knowing you love and loved in return.

How many times? Countless. And it's all because of you.


The Curious Cat
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  1. It's indeed a marvel how, when we are in love, numbers fail in counting the times we feel grateful. I'm happy you feel that way, my friend. :)

  2. yep yep, countless indeed. happy you're happy :)