Monday, November 22, 2010


You told me you were hurt yet all I can do is to listen. I felt so helpless that I can do no more than that. How I wanted to go to that person and smack him right in front of you but we all know that adults don’t do that childish way anymore. For that I am sorry.

Though the lights inside my pad were all turned off, I can see clearly the expression painted in your beautiful face – hurt, betrayed, and helpless. The light from the post opposite my window provided enough light for me to see that.

You sat on the bed with your back on the wall, knees folded together pressed hard against your chest. You stared past the window as you retold what happened. I just let you talk your heart out so you could somehow release the burden you’ve been carrying around. I only respond when needed so not to interrupt you. After you relayed it all you look at me and I tried so hard to conceal the fact that I was hurt too. After all, it’s just a normal response because I love you and that’s the last thing I want you to feel.

Sorry if I can only offer is hug to let you know that you’re not alone.
Sorry if I can only kiss you hoping that you’ll be ok.
Sorry if I can only listen and can do nothing more.
Sorry if I can only smile for you now that you are hurting.
Sorry if I can only sit and stare into emptiness beside you.
Sorry if I can only hold your hand to know that I’ll be here for you.

For this is something you should overcome yourself. But no matter what I’ll be here waiting for you. I know you can overcome this like you always do and become stronger and a much better version of you.

Now don’t fret, everything will turned out ok. Eventually, every thing will. Come here let me hug you tighter this time.


The Curious Cat
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  1. aaaaaaw hang sweet sweet naman... :)

  2. ang sarap mo naman maging bf hehehe!

    he is lucky to have u.

  3. Sigh... Sweetness. Nuff said!

    Peace. Love. Smile.


  4. i love how this is apologetic and mature. gaing!