Thursday, November 4, 2010


There he goes again. I always find him staring blankly like that. I wonder what he’s thinking about or if he’s even thinking about something. Not blinking an eye for so long. He looks so calm every time. Is it inner peace? Perhaps. If something’s bothering him, clearly it doesn’t show. There he goes again, still.

He’s sitting at the bed’s corner opposite the head rest, his back forming a ‘C’ as he slouch. With both his arms on his sides, leaving creases on the bed sheet. With the laptop in front of him he continue to stare, but not on the screen. Beyond. For how long he’s going to sit there, I still have no idea.

I wonder what befall but I can’t help myself looking at him. His messy hair needs combing. Even a trim will be of great help to tame his shaggy and uneven mane. Looking at his face, I’ve notice that fine lines start to show on the side and under his eyes. Laugh lines are very evident, he must have laugh a lot. His choppy lips need moisture, seriously. I can’t help grinning upon looking at his uneven moustache that he’s trying to grow to make him look a little mature. I must admit, all in all he’s not a bad looking fellow despite of all the flaws I just pointed out.

Then he blinks. Shake his head and apparently take notice of me. Is that a smile I see? I guess. I’m relieved. Seeing him like that he must have thought I think of him as loony while he freezes up. He’s ok after all. I’m glad I didn’t disturb him while he does that. There’s always this urgency in me to come near him and break whatever state he’s in. I think we all need to have that from time to time – all the time in the world for ourselves to stop everything. Then he blinks again and I know everything will turn out right.


The Curious Cat
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  1. me thinks this is your best post to date...

  2. i so love this entry CC. haaay. :)

  3. ipakilala na kasi! ang daya kilala nya kami!

  4. masarap mag stare sa taong mahal natin...lalo yun di nila alam..

  5. laptop? bed? did u get yourself a blogger lover? lol

    i've had moments like this. nagugulat ako na nakatulala na sila. lol it would be really really exciting to see what's in their mind pero that would ruin the mystery, wouldn't it?

  6. aaaaaaaaaaaah........ i don't know what to say... this is achingly beautiful... and i miss you...

  7. This somehow stirred love deep within me. Heartfelt :)