Friday, December 31, 2010


Here I am again just like last year – trying hard to recall the moments that made me who I am today. It seemed that my mind refuse to cooperate. I can’t think very well. Memories elude me. It’s like thinking so many things all at once.

I know I’m on my lowest this year. I ended a very long relationship that started wrong but I’m glad it ended right. It’s been rough but I made it through gracefully.

A new love has flourish that help me get back on my feet and help me believe in myself again. It was a love that I hope to last very long. I felt the love and I’m so happy. I’m a work in progress but I’m trying hard to return whatever that is given to me. But one thing is for sure that I’m truly, deeply, madly in love with my partner.

This year I left the company that I stayed the longest. I joined another company that is the complete opposite of the former that left me exhausted everyday. I don’t know how long I am able to last but I’m still holding on.

I also sacrifice a lot this year. I do not know if my sacrifices are all worth it but I have to try. Whatever the outcome may be I’ll accept it even if I’ll fail, at least I tried.

I’ve gained a lot of friends this year. I am very thankful and grateful for that.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who follow, read and comment on my entries. I know that my entries were written not minding the forms and grammars but I hope the messages that I’d like to share find its way to you. I hope that somehow I inspired you and that you’ll learn something from it.

So before I end this entry, I’d like to greet all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am hoping for the best and may all we have a peaceful, safe and eventful 2011. I still wish you all happiness, contentment and love just like last year.


The Curious Cat
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Happy Holidays everyone. This is kind of late but I still want to greet all of you. I just got back from Bangkok. This was actually the first Christmas that our family spent abroad. It was a lot of fun. I almost maxed out my credit card and almost spent all of my savings. But it’s all worth it. Truly a memory I’ll cherish forever.

It’s been a very eventful year for me and thank you all for following and reading my entries.

Again, happy holidays to all of you and I hope that all our wishes will come true before the year ends.


The Curious Cat
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Monday, December 13, 2010


I get afraid of being so happy at times because I might feel the complete opposite the next.


The Curious Cat
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I should be happy. I should be leaping out of extreme joy. My efforts were not for naught after all.

But how come I can’t find any hint of happiness in my heart. As if I was expecting otherwise.

Contentment. Peace of mind. How come they’re very elusive? Intangible.

I guess I am changing. I guess I’m tired. I guess the problem is me. I really don’t know.

So I’ll just have to continue to work, as what my partner told me last night, “that’s work and at the end of the day, it puts food on your plate.” It’s hard to find job that pays me this well.

Mom also told me last night when I vent out my frustrations at work, “if you work for others, you have to work for him and stand by the institution he represents. The same kung ikaw may mga employees din.”

They’re right. And I know it, I just need someone to tell to validate my thoughts.

Well, congrats to me.


The Curious Cat