Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I should be happy. I should be leaping out of extreme joy. My efforts were not for naught after all.

But how come I can’t find any hint of happiness in my heart. As if I was expecting otherwise.

Contentment. Peace of mind. How come they’re very elusive? Intangible.

I guess I am changing. I guess I’m tired. I guess the problem is me. I really don’t know.

So I’ll just have to continue to work, as what my partner told me last night, “that’s work and at the end of the day, it puts food on your plate.” It’s hard to find job that pays me this well.

Mom also told me last night when I vent out my frustrations at work, “if you work for others, you have to work for him and stand by the institution he represents. The same kung ikaw may mga employees din.”

They’re right. And I know it, I just need someone to tell to validate my thoughts.

Well, congrats to me.


The Curious Cat


  1. it is nice to have work. vocation is another thing. =)

  2. all this time, i thought this is what you really wanted besides photography... :(

  3. this is worth celebrating, nevertheless. congrats. =)

  4. ganun talaga,minsan kahit di natin nagugustuhan,kelangan mag stay at makisama lalo na at mas malaki ang pakinabang gets better in time...

  5. Congrats!

    Sooner or later magiging okay din ang lahat!


  6. just the same, my congratulations to you! :)

  7. @Paci tama ka dyan

    @Ewik i think it's the environment, negative vibes lang kase araw-araw

    @Engkantadiya thanks

    @Ex Jason thanks

    @Mac Callister tama ka, kung hindi lang mahirap kumita ng pangkabuhayan dba? sana in time it'll get better

    @m2m sana, thanks

    @lee thanks

  8. bittersweet congratulations. don't worry, xtian. it's just a means. pwede ka pa naman magexplore ng other passions. :)