Monday, March 28, 2011


Have you experienced something so itchy that’s hard to ignore? That you tried to brush it off but it still lingers? That no matter how much you scratch, it just won’t go away? That you can’t even pin-point where it’s at exactly?

So you thought you’ll seek help. You’ll ask someone to help you scratch the itch for you. Not just anyone. That someone be someone you could trust. That should be someone who’ll stand by you. After all it’s so personal and not everyone would be willing and could handle it. Who could that be, you think hard.

After countless of attempts, you finally found that one person you could bet your life with. That someone will scratch the itch for you – with no questions ask. You made yourself believe that that person will do it wholeheartedly. And when that person finds the location and why it’s so itchy that person will not change. That person will stand by you. You’ll trust that person and hope that person believes you. And that will make you feel secured.

Then finally, you ask that person to find the itch. You point where the itch might be to serve as a guide even if you don’t know where the itch is exactly. You just felt it somewhere there. So you let that person search for the itch and when the person locates the itch, you hope that that person will scratch, scratch and scratch it for you ‘till it’s gone. You let go, of course. You are no longer afraid even if that person will dig deeper. You let loose and trust the person completely. Then the itch is gone.

What a relief, you tell yourself. The itch is gone. You that that person. Then you look at the person’s eyes then you feel awkward suddenly. Then everything is silent. Then you feel something different – something is not right. Then suddenly you feel shameful of something you are not guilty of – of something that you did not do.

Everything is changing. You may think that it’s nothing and try to brush it off but you can’t deny you feel it.

That everything from that moment forward will be different. That everything will never be the same as it was before.

So you ask yourself now. Is the risk worth it - that although the itch is gone by now, it was replaced by something so much worse? Will you turn back the hands of time and endure the itch by yourself? But then again things already happened so thinking about it would be only a waste of time.


The Curious Cat
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