Sunday, April 24, 2011


Happy 1st Anniversary to us.
Happy 12th.
Happy 24th.
Happy Easter.

Thanks for loving me.
Thanks for always being there for me.
Thanks for understanding me.
Thanks for everything.

You made me appreciate life more.
You made me happier.
You made me love and value myself more.
You made a better man out of me.

I may not be the ideal guy but you made me feel like one.
I may not always be there by your side but I always think of you.
I may not be the perfect guy for you but I'm keeping up.
I love you so much.

I'm so happy with you, with us, with what we have and what we don't.


The Curious Cat
P.S. Photo courtesy of TCC.


  1. congratulations to both of you :)

  2. Happy for the both of you ^^

  3. I don't see anything sweeter than this. Congratulations. :)

  4. oh... happy, happy first to both of you...

  5. nilalanggam na post ito! congrats! happy anniv and more power :-)