Thursday, August 25, 2011


I'm going through difficult time right now and it has been affecting me in so many ways that I almost want to give up. I'm so glad that my family and my partner serve as an inspiration for me to toughen up and continue on battling my demons. I’m glad that I have God to turn to whenever I feel like I can no longer fight.

I’d like to share this very beautiful prayer that I’ve been reciting for a few days now and it help me in ways that it’s hard to explain. I first got hold of this prayer from the book that I bought entitled “Straight from the heart – a prayer companion” from National Bookstore. I bought this on my birthday because I was so depressed at the time and needed a more powerful way to communicate with God. This book was compiled by
Rev. Fr. Mario Jose C. Ladra.

So here’s the prayer and I hope that someone who’s also going through rough times these days will be able to benefit from it:

Prayer For Discernment
By Joanna O'Keefe

Lord, I feel fragmented
Like a broken pot of clay
I've lost my focus
I've lost my way.

I've poured myself out
I'm drained, I'm dry
I sense a discontent
I can't identify.

I feel rootless
Like a rolling tumbleweed.
Moving, moving
Dizzy from the speed.

I feel like quitting
I feel self-doubt
I'm tired Lord,
I'm worn out.

How can I integrate
My scattered thoughts,
My dreams?
How can I find balance,
Freedom from extremes.

How can I slow down?
How can I release?
There are so many pressures,
How can I find peace?

My child, be still.
Listen to your feelings.
Discipline your will.

Come to the garden,
The secret place we share.
My essence in the Garden,
Come to me in prayer.

Transcend worldly cares.
Seek the kingdom first.
Peace lies within;
It is for me you thirst.

Accept your limitations;
Embrace humility.
Here lies the path to wisdom
And to maturity.

Come to the Garden,
The soul's sweet bouquet.
The flowers of tomorrow
Are in the seeds of today.

TOGETHER we will weed.
TOGETHER we will sow.
TOGETHER we will water.
TOGETHER we will grow.


The Curious Cat
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Monday, August 15, 2011


I’ll make this quick...

It was in Aug. 06, 2009 that I first started writing here and was overwhelmed by the readers’ response to every entry I made. I was on my lowest and this (blog) has been my therapy.

Then after a year, Aug. 06, 2010, I got to meet some of the other bloggers. I gained friends (in them) who were there to cheer me up and made me feel that I am special.

Then came Aug. 06, 2011, and my blog turned 2 (years) already. As you can see, I am not able to update regularly because my job is very demanding and often times I am already exhausted after rendering overtime. Still, I am hoping that somehow, if time permits, I’ll be able to write a thing or two again. Regardless, I am happy that blog survived 2 years of ups and downs.

Thank you all for following and reading my entries.

My dear blog, happy 2nd Anniversary us!!!


The Curious Cat
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