Monday, March 26, 2012


Inside my head I picture you smiling as you dance through the rain in slow motion. You’re looking at me with your beautiful face and you look so happy. I hear nothing because the rain blocks out all other sounds but the rain won’t wash away the sound of my beating heart – which beats only for you.

You reach your hand for me, urging me to join you and we dance through the rain. We are dancing under the same rain as we lock our hands together. I cannot stop staring at you, how could I. Then you stared back at me, the same look that you always gives me – which I only get to see.

Inside my mind I see you as happy as you can be. If you could only see my heart, my heart’s the happiest now more than the days before this. We dance in circles until we’re tired and I finally get to embrace you. I feel the warmth of your body burning my own as we kiss – which we only get to share.


The Curios Cat
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