Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I am now convinced that life always gives us a chance to start over again, that you just have to try and gulp down your fears.

It’s been a year and a half since I have no work. I spent most of my time traveling and spending way too much time with myself – which I deserved. I also spent way too much of my savings which, by the way, are almost depleted.

I decided to quit my job before because I felt back then that I am losing myself. That I slowly forgot what I want and what my priorities are. I was so focus with work that left me almost no time for myself. I felt exhausted. I felt alone. And I felt so lonely.

Last month, I thought that I am happy now and that I am ready to go back to work. But I was a little worried because I have been out of work for more than a year now and that will be a big factor for companies to consider.

Another reason why I wanted to go back to work and have a stable income is three on my siblings are still in school. If I only think of myself then I could still stay jobless as long as I want to. And my mom will eventually grow old and I have to consider that too.

I opened up with my partner about my plan of going back to work and was told to try it.

I applied to three different companies. The first one was not successful because they wanted me for another position, which will force me to start from scratch. That was not an option for me. The next two, however, offered me a job.

I was happy but at the same time kind of sad because I was already got used to the lifestyle I had na paraket-raket lang. That the only time I got stressed out is when the bills are due and that happens once a month lang. But I am ready.

I am glad that I took the risk of leaving my previous job to spend more time for myself. And I am glad that I tried looking for a job and that I was given another chance to restart.


The Curios Cat
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  1. Good luck on your reboot, cat.

  2. Ang brave mo! haha ako, 1 week palang na unemployed pero parang nababaliw na ako. I wish you luck on your journey, xtian. :)